Give your heart for children that live through tough times

The charity project – Srdce pre deti (Heart for Children) – helps children facing difficult health or social circumstances.

Heart for Children, a charity project of Nový čas (New Times) daily journal, is managed by Pontis Foundation. Through this project, you have an opportunity to support a child with a severe disability, in social need, or in critical life circumstances. It is up to you whether you support a particular story published on the website or contribute to Spoločné konto pre deti (Joint Account for Children) on the same website. In both cases, we will give your full donations directly to those who need it most – to families with underage children that participate in our project. You can help by donating via an SMS worth of 5 euro sent to the phone number 871 or, as a registered donor, by a bank transfer after you click on Donate via the donation system that administrates Heart for Children.

Do you know of a child that needs help?

Do you know of a child that needs help? Let their family know about the Heart for Children charity project. Through this project, the legal guardians of a child can ask for help in their child’s difficult health or social circumstances. The first step is to download the Heart for Children application form, then fill it in and send its electronic copy to our email address: All the applications that Pontis Foundation receives are evaluated by an expert commission. The commission finally decides on the appropriateness and relevance of the requested assistance. When making a decision, the commission takes into account the actual number of applications and resources of the public collection. Thanks to you, we have helped the first children and their families already in 2011. Among these children, there was Margarétka Várková, suffering from a rare ‘Butterfly Disease’, who received special wet wound patches that were more gentle to her sensitive skin. Martinko Prešinský, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and his family have had running tap water at home since Christmas 2011. We have rebuilt a bathroom to make it barrier-free for Viktor Kemény, an excellent swimmer born without arms, so that this teenage boy could use it without the assistance of his parents. Our aim is to extend assistance through the Heart for Children project to the greatest possible number of children in Slovakia. Supporting selected organizations, we would like to contribute to improving the quality of life of these children, and to ease the psychological and financial burden that often falls on their families.

Contact us

For more information on the Heart for Children charity project, contact us via email: or call 0948 479 350 in business days, from 9:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

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