International conference DEVELOPMENT AND DEMOCRACY

We create space for innovative ideas and new opportunities for the development agenda.

European Year of Development 2015 is for the development and international community a very important milestone, which among other provides an important policy discussions on the development agenda after 2015. What is more, upcoming Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of the 2016 opens opportunities to stir the wider professional and academic debate on the importance of the democracy, development and global issues. Sharing and dissemination of innovative ideas on global responsibility is a key for our common future, because each of us can act consciously and contribute by his or hers consumer, environmental, social behaviour for the better tomorrow and for all people in this world. 

Attending the international conference Development and Democracy means a unique opportunity for you to share knowledge, creative ideas, experiences, successes and failures in development and innovation through meetings, networking and debate key actors in development.

As the innovative solutions and projects can become long-term solutions to problems in development, real innovation came to the fora and the development community at the fourth annual conference Development and Democracy. Innovations in the development, civil society and its role in the democracy, charity and giving for local development will be some of the topics of the conference which brings new ways of thinking in development. Conference guests will have the opportunity to present their ideas, get feedback on them and to explore creative solutions to problems. The conference each year actively involves variety of the stakeholders and thus actively contributes to the objectives of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic in official development cooperation by strengthening cooperation between public sector on the one hand and the non-profit sector, academies and companies on the other.  

In case of questions regarding the conference, please contact us using the following email addresses:


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