New Actions Fund: Call for proposals

Are you an activist, member of a formal or non-formal action group, a team of concerned citizens, a journalist in Georgia, Moldova or Ukraine?

What are new actions?

We define “New Actions” as ways to address long-standing challenges in transparency and accountability of governments through new perspectives. These can take any shape: social or technological innovations, creative and engaging advocacy campaigns, citizen engagement activities, and even new policy recommendations that take into account the boons and challenges of our rapidly evolving society. 

Where: Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

What we’re looking for: Proposals for New Actions

What is the deadline: 25 April 2017

What’s the prize: USD 3000, expert mentorship and training opportunities

What is the timeline: The project should last six months, ending in October 2017 


Calling all change-makers! 

Are you an activist, member of a formal or non-formal action group, a team of concerned citizens, a journalist or a civil society organization in Georgia, Moldova or Ukraine? 

Are you interested in citizen participation in decision-making and control of the public institutions? 

Are you passionate about open and transparent public institutions? Do you have ideas on how they can work better? 

Do you have innovative ideas on how to use data for the public good and for public understanding?

 Apply for the New Actions Fund and make your ideas a reality!


The Pontis Foundation, together with the United Nations Development Programme, are looking to support new approaches in: 

  • Improving governance, effectiveness and public participation at the local level;
  • Analysing state policies, functioning and effectivity of the public institutions;
  • Supporting anti-corruption efforts, and
  • Advocacy for solutions and changes. 

Slovak Pontis Foundation has a long-standing track record of improving public transparency and accountability through targeted technological and advocacy solutions; their experience guides this New Action Fund, and their mentors will support the participants throughout the project’s timeline.

The United Nations Development Programme supports promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provision of access to justice for all, and the building of effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels as a cornerstone to sustainable development throughout the world; UNDP will provide on-demand support and enable learning and sharing between the pilots and other partners.

Through this fund, we are aiming to:

  • Support civil society, citizens and activists from the Black Sea Region in strengthening transparency and effectiveness of public institutions through open data promotion;
  • Intensify contacts and exchange of experience between experts from various regions, sharing different approaches, effective strategies and methodologies, innovative tools, technologies, and solutions supporting civic engagement; and
  • Strengthen sustainability of the NGOs active in the fight against corruption. 

What will you get? 

The best five proposals will be awarded a cash prize of $3,000, mentorship arrangement, and opportunities to boost their skills and expertise.

Consultations and advice will be delivered through tailored mentorship form Slovak experts and practitioners in the field of open data, advocacy, and promotion of accountability and transparency, a training and a study visit to Slovakia.

What is the timeline?

Send us your application before 25. April 2017. The selection of the proposals will have taken place by the end of April by an international jury.

The five best proposals will be awarded the grant, and invited to a back–to–back study trip and workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia, 16th – 19th May 2017. Top Slovak experts and practitioners will share their experience and help the grantees season their projects. Further, they will be involved in the six-month mentorship program.

At the end of the implementation period, the grantees will get an opportunity to present the results of their activities at the annual conference/anti-corruption forum in Slovakia (November 2017) and share their experience through a special issue of the Pontis Digest magazine.

How to apply? 

Want info? Have questions? 

We are happy to respond to any questions regarding this call and your application at:



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