Slovakia and Kosovo: experience with policy making processes in the spotlight

The Summer School on Public Policy brought together civil society representatives and experts from Bratislava, Pristina and Mitrovica.

On September 13th – 16th 2016, the Pontis Foundation and the NGO Aktiv organized a four-day training focused on public policy in theory and practice and exchange of experience in this field between Slovak and Kosovar civil society representatives, researchers and activists. 

The participants of the training had a chance to: 

  • Get introduction into the theory of decision making, public policy and the policy cycle
  • Examine the importance of the various types of stakeholders and provide tools for stakeholder analysis
  • Examine the contextual factors framing policy advocacy campaigns
  • Examine and discuss the specific nature of public policy in Kosovar context and introduce CSO representatives with the existing mechanisms of inclusion in the decision making processes in Kosovo (Consultative Council for Communities, Declaration for Partnership between the Kosovo Republic Assembly and Civil Society Organizations, CSO networks in Kosovo)
  • Get acquainted with particular laws ensuring mechanisms for institutional protection of the Serbian and other minority in Kosovo
  • Familiarize themselves with the concept of effective advocacy and lobbying
  • Get acquainted with policy paper as a communication tool used in the policy-making process: basic attributes, structure and objectives
  • Get to know the different types of policy papers commonly used in the policy-making community, i.e. the policy study and policy brief and their layout for effectiveness in attracting the attention of potential audiences and facilitating the delivery of the intended messages
  • Develop their writing skills for policy documents 

The summer school on public policy was organized within the programme Active Civil Society: Slovak - Balkan Public Policy Fund in Northern Kosovo funded by the SlovakAid and the US Department of State. 




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