Civil Society Support

The role of the civil society organisations in building and strengthening democracy is essential for countries where autocratic regimes have collapsed or in countries in transition. Civil society organisations bring positive changes and enable citizens in these countries to take part in the management of public issues.

Through our programs we empower the selected civil society representatives and organisations to strengthen their internal expertise, managerial and income generating capacities, abilities to engage with both general public and government stakeholders and assist in networking with international linkages.

We support civil society organisations and their representatives through set of diverse activities:

  • tailor made trainings
  • tailor made study visits
  • grants for support of institutional and organizational development
  • professional assistance and consultation in the areas of public policy and advocacy, communication, management
  • sharing expertise in CSR, transparency,  working with media and public awareness raising
  • research and publication of research results
  • awareness building among corporations and the public about the mission, purpose, and activities of the non-governmental sector

We share our values, where civil society organisations have respect for the law, for the rights of individuals, and for the rights of other groups to express their interests and opinions.  We promote tolerance and the accommodation of pluralism and diversity. We create opportunities for mutual learning and networking among civil society representatives in the EU and its neighbourhood.


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