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Návrhy v anglickom jazyku musia byť predložené najneskôr do 9. novembra 2014.

‘Measuring and rating the importance of environmental issues to the public, mapping the attitudes towards environmental activists and identifying motivation for public engagement in the environmental field’.

Within the framework of its systematic support of analyses in social, political and economic studies - Belarus Public Policy Fund, the Pontis Foundationannounces a call for proposals for a survey and research study: ‘Measuring importance of environmental issues to the public, attitudes towards environmental activists and identifying motivation of public for engagement in the environmental field’.

In Belarus, as evidenced by the official data, the general state of environment deteriorates. The civil society and other actors/stakeholders of the environment related policies are unable to influence effectively the decision-making process in this area. This is partially due to the lack of proper analysis of the environment policies, but largely also due to lack of understanding of public attitudes towards these issues. 

The development of a "green" movement in Belarus requires a number of data for which it is necessary to carry out the proper research and assessment as follows: (i) assessment of the importance of the environmental issues for the citizens of Belarus, including prioritization or ranking of the different environmental challenges in their view (radiation pollution, air quality, climate change, etc.), (ii) attitudes towards environmental activists and civil society active in this area (including recognition of concrete names of leaders, organizations and institutions active in the field, environmental campaigns and projects) (iii) motivating factors which drive public engagement in the environmental field (under what circumstances would public be willing to take part in environment related  activities).

Therefore, under the BPPF programme, the Pontis Foundation and the Green Alliance aim to source a study ‘Measuring importance of environmental questions to public, attitudes towards environmental activists and identifying motivation of public for engagement in the environmental field’. 

The research results shall serve as a base-line for measuring recognition and public awareness on the issues above  Furthermore, it shall determine under what conditions the citizens of Belarus would be ready to take independent actions to assert their rights to a healthy environment or be interested in joining the “green” movement. Data shall also serve as a basis for informing the strategy and activities of the Green Alliance and others stakeholders in the area of environmental protection.

The call for proposals ‘Measuring importance of environmental issues to the public, attitudes towards environmental activists and identifying motivation of the public for engagement in the environmental field’ includes the following tasks: 

  1. Drafting the timeline of the study
  2. Desk research, designing appropriate methodology - fitting the Belarus context
  3. Identifying respondents´ sample: size and representativeness, elaborating  survey question
  4. Conducting semi-structured interviews/survey
  5. Analyzing the interviews, systematizing the outcomes and recommendations
  6. Conducting consultation rounds; focus groups
  7. Systematizing  data according to the proposed methodology
  8. Elaborating conclusions and recommendations 

Alongside with analysis, the applicants are expected to provide compact and specific recommendations in the areas of improving environmental awareness and stimulating the activation of the Belarus public with regards to the environment. 

A successful applicant will have an opportunity to consult their research with international experts. 

Applicants are expected to submit project/survey proposals in English including:

  • cover page;
  • project proposal and detailed methodology;
  • project budget;
  • CV of all experts involved 

Project outcomes and expected products:

  • Analytical report, containing detailed  description of the assessment methodology developed and applied, as well as the outcome of the survey and analysis of the data on perception of the environmental issues and actors in the Republic of Belarus, the main challenges and recommendations to the stakeholders; (80 pages maximum, incl. info graphics from survey) in Russian or English.
  • Brief Summary with synthetic analysis and concrete recommendations and tools for improvement in the field (10 pages maximum); in English
  • Narrative and financial reports of the granted project, according to the provided template (1 page maximum) 

In the course of project implementation the successful candidate is expected to:

  • Actively cooperate with and regularly contact and consult the contracting entity (the Pontis Foundation).
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the consulted stakeholders and the results of the analysis.
  • Submit the mid-term draft in the middle of contracting period, and the final analysis (incl. contracting entity´s comments) before 28 February 2014.
  • Submit final brief narrative and financial reports of the granted project before 10 March 2015.  

The maximum amount allocated for the research work is 8 000 EUR. The granting entity reserves the right to amend the amount granted  depending on the number and quality of submitted applications.

Who is eligible?

Belarusian individual scholars, academics, research teams, expert groups, polling agencies, think-tanks as well as non-profit, non-governmental organizations from Belarus are welcome to submit their proposals. Analysts and institutions outside Minsk, young scholars, universities and analysts are encouraged to apply. The decision of the Approval Board will be based on gender equality principle. 

One of the main eligibility pre-conditions is the ability to develop strong methodology, access to experts in the area; technical capacity and knowledge of the studied field, ability to process and analyse received data. 

Project proposals will be assessed upon the following criteria:

  • Methodology/planning of the work, reasoning, plan of engagement of consultants and experts;
  • Competence of the applicants to successful and transparent completion of the the project;
  • Reasonable budgeting and time- line. 

The proposals in English should be submitted to the email address:tatiana.zilkova@pontisfoundation.skbefore November 19, 2014. Proposals submitted after the deadline or those not meeting the criteria will not be considered. The Pontis Foundation reserves a right not to select any proposal if the quality criteria are not met. 

The Pontis Foundation and Green Alliance will provide technical consultations after the submission of project proposals and content consultations after the successful project is supported and proceed to implementation. We encourage its applicants to send project proposals in advance in order to increase quality in the course of technical consultations provided.  

Successful candidate will be contacted by November 25 2014. The project supported within this call for proposals must be completed and delivered latest by February 28, 2015 (subject to the final contractual arrangements).



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