Development Education

We support integration of development education at universities and high schools in Slovakia by raising awareness of global issues and our role in making a positive change in the world.

Development education emphasizes learning in a global context. It aims at raising awareness of development issues and taking responsibility for the global community. Development education plays a significant role in enhancing understanding of the reasons of inequalities in the world and searches for possible solutions to transform social, political and economic conditions affecting lives of societies around the world.

Within its Development Education program, the Pontis Foundation focuses on integration of development education at universities through active cooperation with academics and teachers. As the Slovak teaching community is getting more and more engaged in the field of development education, we aim to provide university lecturers with the most recent updates to support knowledge exchange among them and their students. Essential for our work is creating and providing lecturers with methodical and educational materials. We also focus on coordinating a working group of academics – both university lecturers, researches, but also the NGO representatives – to create a network of active experts in the field of development education. After successful implementation of the first pilot mini-course about development education in Slovakia at the Slovak Agricultural University together with our partners, we aim to establish the first study course of development in the long run.

In order to learn more about development education and our activities, please visit the website - a project implemented by the Pontis Foundation (Slovakia) and our partners the NGO Support Centre (Cyprus) and Kimmage Development Studies Centre (Ireland).

Further, we bring development education to high schools and business academies through cooperation under our Kenyan project Sote ICT. Slovak students get an opportunity to work with Kenyan practice companies – they trade with each other virtually, exchange emails, brochures, catalogues, communicate through email or Skype. This is a great opportunity not only for gaining some practical experience, but also for improving intercultural communication skills and erasing various stereotypes. To learn more about the project, please see here.


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