SigniFinance: How to Raise Interest in Impact Financing in Slovakia

The very first impact investment conference in Slovakia.


9:30-9:50Welcome and Opening Remarks
Lenka Surotchak, Director, Pontis Foundation
9.50-10.15Impact Investments in the Czech Republic
Silke Horáková, Co-owner of Albatros Media, Co-founder of Tilia Impact Ventures
10.15 - 10.40Financing Impact in Central Europe: Results and Challenges
Ewa Konczal, Manager for Central and Eastern Europe, European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)
10:40-11:00Supporting the Impact Investment Ecosystem
Vahagn Voskanyan, Impact Investment Advisor, UNDP Armenia
11.00-11:20Coffee Break
11:20-11:40How do we Finance Impact
Roxana Damaschin-Tecu, Co-Founder, UnLoc
11.40-12.40Panel discussion: Forms of Financing Impact in Slovakia
Rastislav Blažej, Social Banking Programme Director, Slovenská sporiteľňa,

Martina Kolesárová, Programme Director, Pontis Foundation

Andrea Cocherová, Head, Orange Foundation

Michal Nešpor Partner for Startups, Crowdberry

Miriama Letovanec Svetkovská, Director, Office of Prime Minister of SR for Investment
12:40-13:00Conference Impact Assessment
13:00-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-16:00Case study: Design Thinking in Product Development for GENERATION 3.0
Norbert Maur, Senior Program Manager, Pontis Foundation
16:00-17:00Networking for Impact


04. 06. 2019 - 04. 06. 2019


08:45 - 17:00


Space up, Záhradnícka 95, 821 08 Bratislava


About event

The world is full of amazing social innovations and each can have positive impact on society. How do they approach their funding? Grants, donations, high-return investments… What are the options that are best for them? How to raise interest in funding positive social impact? Interesting foreign speakers will inspire us in our discussions. Participation is free. Registration is required.


Silke Horáková

Co-owner of Albatros Media, Co-founder of Tilia Impact Ventures


Silke is the founder and chairperson of the supervisory board of the Albatros foundation, which supports socially disadvantaged children in education, and a co-founder of the Foundation for support of independent journalism in the Czech Republic. She closely works with national and international organisations like on the promotion and development of social entrepreneurship.

Ewa Konczal

Manager for Central and Eastern Europe, European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)


Ewa is spreading the knowledge about venture philanthropy and social investment in CEE. She manages the first Polish VP Fund Valores, inititiative of PE community in Poland. Ewa has over 15 years of experience in social entrepreneurship.

Vahagn Voskanyan

Impact Investment Advisor


A senior investment manager with 20 years of experience in project finance, corporate lending, investment consulting.

Roxana Damaschin-Tecu

Co-Founder, UnLoc


She served as Director of Portfolio in NESsT and the NESsT portfolio of social enterprises worldwide and oversees the portfolio’s benchmarking impact. She was responsible for managing the development of NESsT’s methodology, as well as its validation and build to scale and performance measurement tools.

Michal Nešpor

Partner for startups, Crowdberry


He has over 12 years of experience working with start-ups and investments into start-ups, working on both the investor and founder side. Michal gained his experience and knowledge at the venture capital fund GCP Gamma Capital Partners based in Vienna. He also served as a CFO at the software startup Opvizor that operates in Europe and US.

Norbert Maur

Senior Program Manager, Pontis Foundation


Team leader of the Pontis Foundation programme focusing on changes in education in Slovakia. He is responsible for the Generacia 3.0 programme, which helps to disseminate verified educational approaches in Slovakia.

Martina Kolesárová

Programme Director, Pontis Foundation


Since January 2018, Martina is leading teams with programs in education, social inclusion and strategic philanthropy. Before joining Pontis Foundation, Martina was responsible for designing and supervising NGO projects in renewable energy, which included communication with state authorities and media.

Lenka Surotchak

Director, Pontis Foundation


She has been the Executive Director since 2002. She led the foundation through the process of institutional restructuring, developing a new programmatic and donor portfolio. She also carried out training in different areas of transitional know-how, institutional capacity building, internal NGO management, cross-sectoral cooperation and many more.

Andrea Cocherová

Head, Orange Foundation


Worked for monthly magazine Strategie. Later as a director for the Advertising Standards Council. Since 1997 she works in Orange Slovakia, first as PR manager and later as communication manager. She also worked as the director of the Communication and Trademark Department. In 2009 she was elected the trustee of the Orange Foundation.

Rasťo Blažej

Social Banking Programme Director, Slovenská sporiteľňa


Rasto Blazej leads Social banking at Slovenska sporitelna in Slovakia (starting entrepreneurs, social economy, economically or socially excluded disadvantaged people, social impact projects).

Miriama Letovanec

Head of Implementation unit, Prime Minister's Office SR



The conference will take place within the program

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