Corporate Volunteering

A relationship between a company and community does not have to be nurtured solely via financial or non-financial donations.

The best companies utilize community help to develop inner motivation, sense of meaningfulness, and proactivity in their employees. Involve your colleagues and talk your boss into corporate volunteering.

What Corporate Volunteering is about

Corporate volunteering represents a fast-spreading form of corporate philanthropy where a company actively involves its employees in community support and volunteering activities. Time, energy, skills and competences are being invested instead of financial or non-financial donations. If an employee volunteer programme is setup correctly, it should be beneficial to all – an NGO, local community, and a company and its employees as well.

We distinguish the following types of volunteering activities:

  • professional - related to a company’s focus of activity (expert volunteering, e.g. pro bono) / non-professional
  • manual / social (in touch with a client) / intellectual help
  • individual / collective
  • one-time / regular

Corporate volunteers may engage in various areas of activities, such as environment, education, social services, animals care, culture, protection of historical monuments, and so on.

What Benefits It Brings to a Company

  • via corporate volunteering the company contributes to positive changes in its surroundings and the whole country;
  • builds a positive brand image – the company is being viewed on as a good neighbour;
  • wins new regional and local contracts;
  • develops a positive workplace culture;
  • increases employees‘ loyalty by connecting company’s values to their personal values;
  • provides employees with a unique opportunity to develop their communication skills and creativity;
  • opens up to innovations and unconventional procedures thanks to the contact with the non-profit sector; and
  • offers employees unique and entertaining possibilities for teambuilding activities.

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What It Brings to Employees

  • a great feeling that they could contribute to a positive change in their community;
  • a sense of meaningfulness which is being transferred also to their daily tasks at work;
  • improvement of interpersonal relationships at workplace;
  • development of leadership and communication skills;
  • establishing relations with the non-governmental sector (often develop into permanent ones).

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How NGOs Benefit

  • manual help is provided where needed;
  • professional skills that help improve the quality and functioning of an NGO are delivered;
  • relations with the corporate sector are established (often develop into a flourishing long-term cooperation).

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