Make Slovakia a good country

Did you know Slovakia ranks no.45 on the Happiest Places in the World List? Help us further by supporting the projects of more of us take part, the sooner Slovakia becomes a more educated, active, cultural, solidary, and a greener country.

Slovakia is in the lower third of countries in terms of quality of life. It is the 54th happiest place in the world as well as being the fifth most corrupted country in the EU. How can we change this? Let’s not rely on our politicians and their staff to move our country forward. The grant portal gives space for the proactive development of initiatives by people and organizations in Slovakia. You can contribute too! There are 54 carefully selected projects on You can support those which you consider being the most worthy causes and the Pontis Foundation will make sure your donation will be used properly.

Our number one concern is transparency what means your contributions are forwarded directly to the projects of non-profits that you have chosen. You can track how your donations have been used, what activities the particular non-profit engages in and what it has achieved thanks to your help.

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