Our people

Lenka has led our organization strategically and executively since 2002. She stood at the beginning of its transformation to a Slovak organization, has taken part in all milestone program activities and has led projects of technical assistance to NGOs, corporate philanthropy and volunteering.

Lenka Surotchak

Executive Director
02 5710 8120

Slávka is responsible for the financial reports of projects mainly financed from the European Commission and for the compliance of our financial processes with the norms of donors.

Slavomíra Hvizdošová

Financial Manager
02 5710 8116

Michal leads a responsible entrepreneurship pillar and is executive director of the Business Leaders Forum, association of responsible companies. Within this pillar, he co-organizes an international event on responsible entrepreneurship, the CEE CSR Summit. He is a certified trainer for the GRI Training Course and is in charge of auditing reports about corporate social responsibility through GRI directives.  

Michal Kišša

Program Director
02 5710 8120,
0917 429 985

Martina has worked for the Pontis Foundation since December 2015. She helps with the realization of the pro bono volunteering program Heads are Helping, and with connecting social innovators in cooperation with the international organization Ashoka.

Martina Kolesárová

Relationship Development Manager
02 5710 8124 ,
0907 516 852

Simona has worked in the Pontis Foundation since September 2011. She was responsible for the organization of the Development and Democracy conference. Since autumn 2015, she has been coordinating the PR strategy of the Foundation. She is also responsible for the management of communication with the external environment and for building up relations with the press on international topics. She administrates the Foundation’s web and Facebook pages.

Simona Fiabáne

PR Manager
02 5710 8113,
0903 619 549

Pavel strategically leads programs aimed at strengthening non-governmental organizations, corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.

Pavel Hrica

Program Director
0917 429 983

Norbert manages endowment funds and coordinates grant programs. Thanks to these, we can support non-governmental organizations in Slovakia in their activities and in institutional development. In addition, he is responsible for offering companies consultation in measuring the efficiency of community investments using the Standard Community Investment method (London Benchmarking Model). Every year, he prepares an annual report about the sustainability of the non-profit sector in Slovakia (CSO Sustainability Index).

Norbert Maur

Program Manager
02 5710 8134,
0918 778 780

Radana Deščíková

programová koordinátorka
02 5710 8123 ,
0918 580 097

Dominika Horňáková

program coordinator
02 5710 8136,
0917 260 899

Marek co-organizes the biggest event in corporate volunteering called Our Town as well as the spring and the autumn clothes collection, together with the Engage workgroup. He also coordinates projects of individual corporate volunteering.

Marek Richter

Program Coordinator
02 5710 8120,
0918 595 999

Ivana sa po materskej dovolenke opäť zapojila do tímu, ktorý pomáha rozvíjať zodpovedné podnikanie na Slovensku. Zodpovedá za prípravu BLF Newslettera, ako aj za celkovú komunikáciu CR oddelenia (weby zodpovednepodnikanie.sk a blf.sk, sociálne médiá, odborné výstupy). Spolupracuje na príprave podujatí oddelenia.

Ivana Vagaská

programová manažérka
02 5710 8120,
0948 341 741

Judita coordinates the grant program of the Tesco Foundation. She assists with the coordination of the Fund for Transparent Slovakia and the endowment funds of Telekom and Slovak Power Plants. She communicates with organizations, schools, municipalities and helps them with the administration of grants. She also contributes to the running of the Heart for Children project.


Judita Majerová

Program Coordinator
02 5710 8113,
0944 165 467

Daniela is responsible for the management of the Pontis Foundation’s offices.

Daniela Snyder

Office Manager
02 5710 8111

Janetta Balšanová

office manažérka
02 5710 8111

Martina is an inherent member of the financial department in the Pontis Foundation. She is responsible for accounting, wages and taxes in the Pontis Foundation.


Martina Petrová

02 5710 8116

Adriana has worked in the Pontis Foundation since June 2015. She is responsible for the financial reporting of projects in the department of democratisation and development cooperation abroad.

Adriana Petrová

Financial Manager
02 5710 8116,
0911 111 837

Lucia Ružičková

Finančná manažérka
02 5710 8116,
0948 333 027

Zuzana Pakanová

finančná asistentka
02 5710 8116

Zuzana Schaleková

PR coordinator
02 5710 8113,
0902 558 567

Rado je členom PR tímu. Pripravuje mediálne monitoringy, spravuje web Nadácie a spracúva rešerše, databázy a ďalšie úlohy. 

Radoslav Kmec

PR asistent
02 5710 8113

Ivana Kompasová

Programová koordinátorka
02 5710 8120,
0917 750 319

Beata Fekiačová

Programová koordinátorka
02 5710 8120,
0918 058 932

Mirka je členkou tímu zodpovedného podnikania. Administruje združenie Business Leaders Forum a organizuje CEE CSR Summit.

Miroslava Gočálová

programová manažérka
+421 2 5710 8117 ,
+ 421 948 333 028

Maryia Hushcha

Programová koordinátorka
02 5710 8120,
0944 976 956

Barbora participates in the coordination of endowment funds of KIA Motors Slovakia, Accenture, PWC and West Slovak Energy, through which the Foundation supports organizations focusing on education, pensioners, people starting their own businesses and the disabled and socially disadvantaged groups of people. She is also responsible for the Lenovo fund which concentrates its supportive activities on children and young people with autism.

Barbora Pálešová

Program Coordinator
02 5710 8120,
0918 595 909

Hana Hradská

programová manažérka
0911 463 610

Jana Desiatniková

Programová koordinátorka
02 5710 8120,
0918 522 554

Jakub started working for the Pontis Foundation as financial assistant. Since January 2010, he has worked on a project aimed at developing IT in local schools and communities in Kenya. In addition to these activities, he is also responsible for the project of building responsible entrepreneurship in Belarus.

Jakub Šimek

Program Manager
02 5710 8121

Katarína Teglassyová

Programová koordinátorka
02 5710 8121,
0918 579 816

Tomáš Janeček

Programový koordinátor
02 5710 8121,
0917 965 277

Veronika participates in the coordination of the Lenovo, Accenture and Honeywell endowment funds through which the Pontis Foundation supports anticorruption projects and organizations focusing on children and young people with autism in the area of education.

Veronika Gilanová

Program Coordinator
02 5710 8134,
0918 885 001

Kristína Marušová

programová manažérka
02 5710 8123,
0917 260 904

Daniela Kellerová

Programová koordinátorka
02 5710 8124,
0903 437 462

Natália Petrová

Programová asistentka
02 5710 8136,
0917 889 790

Adriana Jančulová

programová manažérka
0911 571 081

Eva Mikolajczyková

programová manažérka
0917 429 981

Martina Čapová

programová manažérka
02 5710 8133,
0948 479 350

Fero Pauliny

manažér pre stratégie vo filantropii
02 5710 8113

Katarína Šujanová

manažérka pre stratégie vo filantropii

Andrea Lelovics

programová manažérka

Maroš leads the Pontis Foundation and coordinates the Techsoup and Material Donations programs.

Maroš Silný

Program Manager
0948 016 123


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