Promoting CSR

Pontis Foundation assists with establishing cross-sectoral cooperation based on Slovak experience.

The role of cooperative relations among government, business and civil society have been increasingly recognized as very important for dealing with complex issues which no sector can effectively address alone. The scope of possible collaboration is very broad: economic development, environment, education, community capacity building and other social spheres. More and more private companies and other actors engage in these joint activities, especially in the topic of corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

In such partnerships there are incentives for all the parties involved. NGOs can bring their expertise, knowledge, experience and implementation capacity, and receive additional resources, and further organizational development. In its turn, private sector can act as another source of funding, innovation, and share its own expertise. The benefits for businesses from such collaboration may consist in improved reputation, attraction of new business partners (socially responsible and more transparent companies are likely to be considered more trustworthy) and employees. Governments can influence conditions for productive cooperation and create incentives for involvement of the private sector into development issues. Needless to say, for the governments themselves such partnerships with NGOs and private companies have positive influence on public policy making processes and develop greater legitimacy in general. 

Apparently cross-sectoral cooperation contains great win-win potential. Pontis Foundation entirely shares this idea. In the last years we have been able to develop solid expertise in corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy fields in Slovakia. We have been also sharing our experience abroad. 

Since 2008 we have implemented several projects: Business Leaders Forums in Serbia and Macedonia and we have been contributing to the development of corporate volunteering in the Western Balkans. 

Currently we are active in cross-sectoral cooperation activities in Belarus (since 2010), Georgia and other countries of Eastern Partnership (since 2015).


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