Public policy

We support active participation of civil society in public policy making process.

Based on best examples and practices of civil society participation mechanisms, the Pontis Foundation seeks to assist active individuals, NGOs and research centers with developing skills and tools to become engaged in public policy making processes.

Active engagement of civil society in policy making and cooperation with the government is essential for creation and successful implementation of policies which reflect societal interests.  Pontis Foundation use various means to support capacity building in target countries: grant schemes, trainings in public policy interventions, campaigning and advocacy skills, rise of knowledge in law-making, fundraising, consultations with experts. In sum, methodological counseling is an integral part of cooperation with each of the grantees that could benefit from Slovak and wider European experience.

We believe that various political, legal and social benefits which result from cooperation between civil society and governments are especially evident when addressing complex issues. Many of these issues are rooted in long-lasting practices of not allowing public to actively participate in policy-making. In its turn, a Slovak example of collaboration between government and civil society is a good illustration of an inclusive relationship which may become a great motivation for countries undergoing transition processes.

Pontis Foundation through its public policy program and based on its own Slovak transition experience contributes to inclusion of civil society of target countries in creation of efficient and transparent public administration, fight against corruption, social and economic reforms. During all these years an important role in realizing these initiatives played Slovak Balkan Public Policy Fund and Belarus Public Policy Fund.

The activities under Public Policy program in Belarus have been gradually transforming into support to cross-sectoral cooperation, and involvement of private and civic sectors in influencing decision making. The activities in the Western Balkans continue, mainly through or engagement in Kosovo.


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