Who is checking us?

Our activities as well as financing go through a multi-level checking which ensures trustworthy and transparent management of entrusted resources.

Expert evaluation committees

Evaluation committees consisting of various experts according to the specific topic of each grant program (architects, doctors, teachers, non-profit experts, environmentalists, sport representatives, etc.) make decisions about resources which we distribute through grant programs. They have access to complete projects of applicants.


Companies or institutions which donate their finances receive our detailed reports about the use of all entrusted resources and assigned tax.

The Administrative and Advisory Board

The Administrative and Advisory Boards both have access to all budgets and records of real spending. The Administrative Board approves the budget and its actualization as well as the financial spending on grants and other costs. The Administrative Board approves also the level of administrative costs. The Advisory Board checks the decisions of the Administrative Board as well as of the Foundation´s employees.


Every year the Pontis Foundation´s management goes through deep checking of reputable audit companies. In past years our activities were audited by the PwC, before it was KPMG. The Pontis Foundation has always received audit results without reservations.

Ministry of Interior

Every year we send a detailed annual report about our activities in the Pontis Foundation for the past year to the Ministry of Interior.

Ministry of Finance

Our activities and management, especially the use of resources gained from the tax assignation, can be checked (and previously were checked) by the Ministry of Finance.


We inform about our activities and the use of financial resources in detail on our website. Everyone can find information about all programs, grants as well as management of the foundation in annual reports. Every year we also send a detailed report about tax assignation spending to the Slovak Commercial Code which is accessible also for public.




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