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Almost a hundred employers in Slovakia have already supported diversity and a non-prejudicial approach

On the occasion of Diversity Day on the 31st of May, another 14 signatories joined the Charter of Diversity Slovakia, including Volkswagen Slovakia, Fusakle, NN Slovakia and Tatra Bank. By signing, they have committed to creating a working environment based on openness, fairness and trust. Since its establishment four years ago, the Charter of Diversity now has 99 signatories.

We have been celebrating Diversity Day in Slovakia since 2017 when the Business Leaders Forum launched the initiative entitled the Charter of Diversity Slovakia. The aim of celebrating this special day is to highlight diversity and emphasise the need for tolerance and a non-prejudice approach in the workplace and beyond. “A diverse and respectful work environment should no longer be the exception today, but the norm. A culture of trust and empathy enables companies to employ the best people and helps them be more innovative, efficient and creative in problem-solving,” says Ivana Vagaská, Executive Director of the Business Leaders Forum.

This year, diversity in the workplace was celebrated for the first time at the European level in May, which was declared European Diversity Month.

Almost a hundred employers want to support inclusion and diversity

On the occasion of Diversity Day, 14 signatories joined the charter at the online event. The companies, including a social enterprise, voluntarily committed to creating an open, fair and empathetic work environment for their employees.

After four years since its establishment, the Charter of Diversity Slovakia now has 99 signatories from different sectors and fields of business. “Each of us needs to feel accepted and respected at work. That is also why I am pleased that more and more employers are joining the Charter of Diversity. They have voluntarily committed to breaking down stereotypes and providing work for everyone without distinction,” I. Vagaská adds.

New signatories of the Charter of Diversity Slovakia:

  • buckle up
  • Deloitte Slovakia
  • Eaton Electric
  • Edenred Slovakia
  • Generali Insurance
  • Fusakle
  • Monitora
  • NN Slovakia
  • Schaeffler
  • Securitas SK
  • Tatra Bank
  • Volkswagen Slovakia
  • VÚB Bank
  • WASCO – association

One of the new signatories to the charter is Volkswagen Slovakia, our largest private employer. The company supports inclusion and diversity (I&D) across the organisation. “In 2020, we trained over 600 executives at all levels of management. They have thus become ambassadors of diversity in their teams,” says Sebastian Krapoth, Member of the Board for HR at Volkswagen Slovakia.

A good example in the field of I&D for smaller local companies can be Fusakle, which presents diversity and difference as an advantage instead of as a limitation. “We do not differentiate between skin colour, religion or sexual orientation. We prove it not only by the treatment of our employees but also in marketing campaigns, in which we involve people of various origins and interests,” says Simona Zajíčková, Marketing Manager at Fusakle.

NN Slovakia pays special attention to women and parents. To help its employees maintain the right work-life balance, it was the first company in Slovakia to introduce the possibility of a four-day working week. “Our goal is to give people as much flexibility as possible to balance their work and private lives and eliminate stress. At the same time, we want to support their personal development,” says Miroslava Jandorfová, Human Resources Director at NN Slovakia.

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