Address and bank details

Nadacia Pontis (Pontis Foundation)
Zelinárska 2
821 08 Bratislava

Pontis Foundation (Žilina)

Predmestská 57

010 01 Žilina


Company ID: 317 848 28
Tax ID: 2021531512
VAT ID (IČ DPH): SK2021531512

Bank Account: 2721062753/0200
IBAN: SK33 0200 0000 0027 2106 2753
Bank Name: VUB, a.s.
Bank Address: Mlynské Nivy 1, 829 90 Bratislava, Slovakia


The Foundation is registered under the Act no. 34/2002 of.
Foundations of the Ministry of Interior on 27.10.1997
under the registration number: 203/Na - 96/463

Our staff

Michal Kišša


+421 2 5710 8111

Michal is in charge of the strategic management of teams of responsible entrepreneurship, community, transparency and PR.

Martina Kolesárová


+421 2 5710 8111

Martina is responsible for the strategic management of teams focusing on education, strategic philanthropy and inclusion. She also focuses on fundraising and the development of relations with corporate and institutional donors.

Slavomíra Hvizdošová

Financial Director

+421 2 5710 8116

Slávka manages our foundation financially. She is responsible for the efficiency and transparency of the use of the obtained funds in accordance with legislative standards and applicable laws.

Dominika Horňáková

Senior Program Manager

+421 917 260 899

Dominika leads the team of inclusion, which coordinates the endowment funds focused mainly on the support of socially and health disadvantaged groups. She also manages the Telekom Endowment Fund at the Pontis Foundation.

Norbert Maur

Senior Program Manager

+421 918 778 780

Norbert leads the team, which strives to address the change of education in Slovakia. He is in charge of the Generation 3.0 programme, which helps to disseminate proven learning approaches all across Slovakia. He is responsible for the professional management of the programme, the overall management of activities, and coordination of involved stakeholders.

Marek Richter

Senior Program Manager

+421 918 595 999

Marek leads the team of corporate volunteering. The team is in charge of the largest corporate volunteering event ‘Our City‘, pro bono training, expert volunteering events, and the donation network

Zuzana Schaleková

Senior PR Manager

+421 902 558 567

Zuzka has been working for the foundation since 2016. She leads the PR team, is in charge of the foundation's communication strategy and covers all PR activities for the teams of education and strategic philanthropy. She also coordinates the online magazine

Ivana Vagaská

Senior Program Manager

+421 948 341 741

Ivana is the Executive Director of the Business Leaders Forum and leads the team of responsible entrepreneurship. She is in charge of the activities of the Slovak Diversity Charter. She is also responsible for the organisation of the Via Bona Slovakia Awards, the CEE CSR Summit and provides individual CSR consultancy to companies.

Ivana Kompasová

Strategic Philanthropy Senior Manager

+421 917 750 319

Ivana leads the team of strategic philanthropy. She develops and sets processes and strategies in the field of individual philanthropy. She further creates opportunities for individual donors and communicates with supporters of Generation 3.0 and other Pontis Foundation programmes.

Zuzana Kováčová

Program Manager

+421 905 449 289

Zuzka is in charge of evaluation process of the Via Bona Slovakia Awards. She also administers the Slovak Diversity Charter, communicates with Charter’s signatories and manages activities of the Charter.

Miriam Bachledová

Project Manager

+421 918 985 219

Miriam is also a part of Inclusion team where she works on the OPEN FUTURE program. She is carrying out the project of pilot extra-curricular center in Trnava where she is in charge of the content regarding education and direct work with children.

Jana Žišková

Project Manager

+421 905 281 111

Jana takes part in the pilot extra-curricular program OPEN FUTURE within the Inclusion team. Her task is networking of local partners participating in the program and she is also in charge of institutional fundraising.

Lucia Víglašová

PR Manager

+421 917 452 409

Lucka is in charge of PR activities for the team of responsible entrepreneurship, such as Via Bona Slovakia, CEE CSR Summit, Charter of Diversity, Business Leaders Forum, and also for the team of the Fund for Transparent Slovakia and Pro Bono Attorneys.

Eva Braxatorisová

Program Manager

+421 2 5710 8111

Eva coordinates the Pro Bono Advocates programme, through which she develops the cooperation between lawyers and non-profit organisations.

Tibor Krátky

Graphic Designer

+421 902 329 443

Tibor is a member of the PR team. He is responsible for the uniform visual identity of the foundation and the preparation of graphic and promotional materials.

Ivana Mikudíková

Financial Coordinator/Accountant

+421 2 5710 8116

Ivana is responsible for controlling and billing supplier invoices, travel orders, internal instructions, work contracts, withholding tax agenda, and art funds.

Veronika Sedláčková

Program Manager

+421 918 885 011

Veronika is in charge of the Giving Tuesday event and the communication with members of the ‘Companies to Community‘ group. In addition, she also takes part in the preparation of the ‘Our City‘ event.

Fero Pauliny

Strategic Philanthropy Manager

+421 2 5710 8113

Fero creates opportunities for individual philanthropists in order to make a positive change in the field. He focuses on the preparation of events related to the development of strategic philanthropy and prepares materials for the Generation 3.0 supporters.

Martina Čapová

Program Manager

+421 948 479 350

Maťa is in charge of the coordination of the ‘Heart for Children‘ programme, communication with families, and obtaining approved help. She also coordinates the project titled ‘Billa the Bread-winner‘ and the project ‘In Good Hands from the Start‘ by Lidl.

Eva Mikolajczyková

Program Manager

+421 917 429 981

Eva is a part of the team of inclusion. She is in charge of the dm drogerie markt and Generali endowment funds. At the same time, she coordinates the Online Interpreter programme and sign language courses of the Telekom Endowment Fund.

Daniela Kellerová

Program Manager

+421 903 437 462

As a part of the team of inclusion, Daniela is in charge of endowment funds of companies such as Johnson Controls, Philip Morris, and Mercedes Benz Financial Services. The funds focus on inclusion of marginalised people. At the same time, Daniela coordinates the pilot project of after-school centres with the involvement of expert volunteers.

Veronika Káčerová

Program Manager

+421 918 885 001

As a part of the team of education, Veronika is responsible for coordinating the EDUcamp and EDUaccelerator in the Generation 3.0 programme.

Tomáš Janeček

Program Manager

+421 917 965 277

Tomáš is responsible for the coordination of EDUpoints and the selection process of innovative learning approaches in the Generation 3.0 programme. He is also in charge of the coordination of the EDUcamp and EDUaccelerator.

Katarína Teglassyová

Program Manager

+421 918 579 816

Katka focuses on endowment funds of companies such as Bekaert, Embraco, Strabag, and Adient. In addition, she also coordinates grants of the Foundation of Slovenská sporiteľňa and cooperates on the Generation 3.0 programme.

Jana Desiatniková

Program Manager

+421 918 522 554

Janka is in charge of activities of the Dobra krajina (Good Country) portal and the communication with non-profit organisations. She also covers the Giving Tuesday event.

Hana Hradská

Program Manager

+421 911 463 610

Hanka takes part in the preparation of the ‘Our Town‘ event and is also in charge of individual corporate volunteering programmes.

Beata Fekiačová

Program Manager

+421 918 058 932

Bea is in charge of CSR events, especially the Via Bona Slovakia gala, CEE CSR Summit and Responsible Market. In addition, she also helps managing other expertise events and external communication of Business Leaders Forum.

Zuzana Pakanová

Financial Manager

+421 2 5710 8116

Zuzka is in charge of the registration and payment of supplier invoices. Based on payment instructions, she also transfers funds as a part of grant payments.

Janetta Balšanová

Office Manager

+421 903 458 573

Janetta is responsible for ensuring the functioning of the office of the foundation.

Daniela Snyder

Office Manager

+421 2 5710 8111

Daniela is responsible for ensuring the functioning of the office of the foundation.

Miroslava Gočálová

Program Manager

+421 948 333 028

Mirka is a part of the team of responsible entrepreneurship. She administers the Business Leaders Forum, organises the CEE CSR Summit and participates in organising the ‘Our City‘ event.

Maroš Silný

Program Manager

+421 948 016 123

Maroš leads the Pontis non-profit organisation. He also coordinates the TechSoup programme and in-kind donations.

Pavol Pikla

Program Manager

+421 905 449 522

Pavol is part of the team based in Žilina. He is in charge of endowments funds of companies Bekaert, Dell, Embraco, Metro, PSA Slovakia, and Unilever.

Eva Balková

Program Manager

+421 905 449 265

Eva is part of the team based in Žilina. She is in charge of endowments funds of companies BNP Paribas, Continental Automotive, Jaguar Land Rover, LIDL, Mobis, and PwC.

Dominika Hroššová

Program Manager

+421 2 5710 8111

Dominika coordinates researchers. She is responsible for collecting data and measuring the overall impact of the Generation 3.0 programme. She also coordinates the EDUpoints.

Iveta Mičuchová

Financial Manager/Accountant

Iveta is responsible for accounting payment instructions, payroll, bank statements and the Pontis non-profit organisation.

Mária Tavačová

Financial Manager/Accountant

+421 917 889 790

Mária accounts bank statements and receivables. She cooperates on the financial part of projects in the community team and participates in the preparation of financial statements.

Namina Akoussahová

Financial Manager

+421 2 5710 8111

Namina is responsible for financial reporting of projects within the teams of education and transparency.

Paulína Beňová

Financial Manager

+421 2 5710 8111

Paulína accounts receivables, personnel costs and public collections. She is responsible for financial reporting of projects in the team of inclusion.

Barbora Hullová

Program Manager

+421 917 434 287

Baja coordinates the grant call entitled "You Decide, We Help" by the Tesco Endowment Fund. She assists the team with other endowment funds, mainly Accenture and Adient.

Matej Palacka

Program Manager

+421 918 580 097

Matej assists the team of inclusion in the project “In Good Hands from the Start” by Lidl and in endowment funds.

Veronika Šoltinská

PR manager

+421 908 845 483

Veronika covers all PR activities for the team of inclusion, such as Open Future, the Telekom Endowment Fund, Heart for Children, as well as activities of the team of community, for instance, the Our Town event, Giving Tuesday and the Good Country website.

Janka Encingerová

chief accountant

+421 2 5710 8116

Who we are

We link together companies, non-governmental organisations, state institutions, communities, and individuals to make positive changes in education, responsible entrepreneurship, and fight against corruption and poverty.

Pontis Foundation
Zelinarska 2821 08

Phone: (+421 2) 5710 8111
Contact for media:
Phone: (+421 2) 5710 8113