This is how we have grown and evolved so far:


The Civil Society Foundation is established.


We organise the first year of Via Bona Slovakia Awards and motivational campaign Rock the Vote (Rock Volieb) at the occasion of the ’98 parliament election.

Due to the Rock the Vote (Rock Volieb) election campaign, the number of first-time voters increased by 60% compared to previous elections.


We transform and change our name to the “Pontis Foundation”.


The first endowment funds are established.

Cuban dissident Oswald Paya during his visit to Slovakia.


We found the Business Leaders Forum and organise the first Corporate Responsibility Conference (today’s BLF Summit).


We organise the first corporate volunteering event “Our Town” (then called “Our Bratislava”).

“Our Bratislava“ transformed into an event called “Our Town“, the biggest corporate volunteering event in Slovakia.


We hold the first year of the Corporate Philanthropy Forum.

The Corporate Philanthropy Forum was first held in 2008.


We launch the first development cooperation project in Kenya and an individual donation programme called DobraKrajina.sk.


We launch the Pro Bono Attorneys initiative and the Heart for Children charity project.

The aim of the Heart for Children project is to help improve lives of children with serious health and social disadvantages.


We organise the first edition of the Development and Democracy International Conference and establish the Fund for Transparent Slovakia.


We co-found the Association of Corporate Foundations and Funds (ASFIN).


We create a Map of social innovators who contribute to changing Slovakia for the better.

The Business Leaders Forum has become an administrator of the Charter of Diversity Slovakia.


We launch the Generation 3.0 programme to promote innovative approaches to education and the Diversity Charter initiative. We are becoming an ambassador for GivingTuesday, the international good deeds day.


We launch a unique non-profit accelerator called MentorExpress: Generation 3.0 Accelerator which is designed for non-profit education projects and schools.

Finalists and winners of the Generation 3.0 Awards became a part of the pilot year of MentorExpress.


From September, the Pontis Foundation has two executive directors. Its leadership is taken over by the current programme directors – Martina Kolesárová and Michal Kišša. The previous head of the foundation Lenka Surotchak decided to resign from the post of executive director and become a member of the board of directors in autumn.

Lenka Surotchak has led the Pontis Foundation strategically and executively since 2002.

On the 26th of November 2019, the Pontis Foundation in cooperation with the Town of Trnava presented a unique extra-curricular centre Open Future. In its first year, it opened its doors to 25 children who experienced a world of unknown innovation and technology which they would not be able to access otherwise. The aim is that the centre helps pupils develop different skills, which they acquire by working on their own projects. Top personalities of Slovak business accompany the children throughout the process.


In cooperation with the Slovak National Centre for Human Rights and the TRIAD agency, we launched an online campaign titled For Nice Mondays. The online campaign aimed to point out the problem of prejudice at work on the part of colleagues and leaders. We have also started to organise informal Impact Talks evening discussions on philanthropy.


We exchanged the traditional Via Bona Slovakia gala for a unique documentary film broadcast by RTVS. In it, we presented the concept of responsible entrepreneurship to the general public and highlighted the most inspiring projects of companies. In Zvolen, we opened the second centre of the Open Future programme.


We celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Pontis Foundation with an event for our people. In addition, we presented the Map of Social Innovators, which we prepared in cooperation with the international organisation Ashoka. There are 461 personalities on it – starting and established innovators and their business and public administration supporters. They are united by the desire to change Slovakia for the better.


We have launched Impact Lab, a unique programme in Slovakia to support civil society organisations. Over three years, we will redistribute 2,2 million euros to up to 70 organisations from all over Slovakia thanks to European support. The programme includes an incubator for smaller organisations and an accelerator for established organisations. In addition, we have launched a podcast about philanthropic stories called Impact Talks in collaboration with Aktuality. In December, we organized the first Impact Summit, an event on social innovation that connects people from civil society, business, and public administration.

The podcast is hosted by Milan Zimnýkoval and the first guests were Irma Kisková and Andrej Kiska.

Who we are

We create strong and meaningful linkages between the corporate, civic and public sectors in our three strategic topics – social innovation, philanthropy and responsible entrepreneurship. We build expertise our expertise in these issues, bring trends, promote long-term impact, and inspire.

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