Board of Directors

Lucie Schweizer

Partner at Ružička Csekes s.r.o

Lukáš Bakoš

Managing Director at Maxman Consultants

Martina Králová

Consultant at Teron Solutions

Lenka Surotchak

Consultant at Slovak-American Foundation

Šimon Šicko

CEO Pixel Federation

Board of Supervisors

Radoslav Derka


Marcel Imrišek

Partner ProRate

Silvia Miháliková

Slovak Academy Of Science

Who we are

We create strong and meaningful linkages between the corporate, civic and public sectors in our three strategic topics – social innovation, philanthropy and responsible entrepreneurship. We build expertise our expertise in these issues, bring trends, promote long-term impact, and inspire.

Pontis Foundation
Zelinarska 2821 08

Phone: (+421 2) 5710 8111
Contact for media:
Phone: (+421 2) 5710 8113