Social innovations are innovations that aim for positive changes in society. Their goal is to bring high value and address urgent needs. We emphasise a positive and measurable impact. We support innovations that have the potential for systemic change. We develop innovations brought by the civic sector, and we actively involve the corporate and public sectors.

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Over the 10-year horizon, revolutionary technological and societal changes will take place. These changes will fundamentally affect the life of our society. The globalised world will face new challenges. For example, many traditional professions will disappear. In the Pontis Foundation, we feel that education needs to be transformed in a way that allows children to shape their own future instead of just passively receive information. We want young people to be prepared for changes and have the opportunity to fully develop their potential.

Our projects


Important numbers

8 Sold Prices Generation 3.0
11 Accelerator Projects Generation 3.0
50 Personalities from business involved in This is 21
52 Talented students within the AXA Endowment Fund
341 Trained Computer Science teachers

Who we are

We link together companies, non-governmental organisations, state institutions, communities, and individuals to make positive changes in responsible entrepreneurship, social innovations and philanthropy. Also, we have in-house expertise in the mentioned topics.

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