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Irma and Andrej Kiska: Even good things need marketing. We are still a little ashamed in Slovakia (podcast)

Irma and Andrej Kiska are a well-known Slovak couple, even though they are not celebrities. They studied business and have been in the world of startups and innovation all their lives. Even though the business world is closer to them, they are also no strangers to helping. Listen to the first episode of the Impact Talks podcast, in which we present inspiring stories of philanthropists and break the taboo associated with the word philanthropy.

“If someone rich gives away, they are a philanthropist’ If someone who is not rich gives away, they are a volunteer. I don’t like this division much,” says Andrej Kiska Jr at the beginning of the podcast, disproving one of the most common myths about philanthropy.

“There are many people who could help non-profits with their know-how and skills, but they often don’t even know about such an option. Non-profit organisations are very open to this help,” adds Irma Kisková, and together they open the topic of what they wanted to be when they were children and how they reached a stage in their lives when it is natural for them to help.

In the podcast, you will learn the following:

  • how Andrej Kiska Jr. (and Sr.) got into philanthropy,
  • how the Kiska spouses lead their children to charity,
    that sometimes it is easier to donate money than time,
  • why Irma Kisková started helping seniors,
  • how can philanthropy in the USA and Sweden inspire us,
  • that some people want to climb to the top, while others prefer to “just” make tea for them in the base camp to warm up, and that’s perfectly fine,
  • how Irma and Andrej answered questions at the end.

Irma and Andrej Kiska pictured with podcast host Junior.

The Kiska both grew up in Slovakia, studied abroad and now live in Prague, where they raise three young children.

“If we want to do good, at the end of the day, we have to know how to ‘sell‘ that good. In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, for example, we are a little behind the USA in this regard. We are ashamed to ‘sell‘ the good, we are modest, and we think that the results must speak for us,” says Andrej.

Andrej Kiska Jr

For many years, he was the head of the Credo Ventures fund, which invests in startups from Central Europe. Hundreds of startup companies like Deepnote and Photoneo passed through his hands. Many of them today have millions in value and worldwide success. As a consultant, besides helping startups, he also helps organisations focused on education. He mentored these organisations in the Generation 3.0 programme of the Pontis Foundation.

Irma Kisková

She worked for the public sector at the Ministry of Finance, the European Investment Fund, and the Czech Eduzměna Foundation, improving Czech education. She still helps education today as a fundraiser. She also served on the board of directors of the People in Need organisation. She founded her social enterprise ProSenior, an e-shop with aids for seniors.

In the Impact Talks podcast, we introduce you to personalities from business, culture and sports who break down conventional ideas about philanthropy. Hearts who help intuitively and those who strive for the most significant social impact. Philanthropy is varied and means much more than just giving money away.

Impact Talks is hosted by Milan Junior Zimnýkoval and created in cooperation with Aktuality.sk.

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