25. 08. 2017 Pontis Foundation

24 hours, almost 800 gifts and a great number of amazing people

On August 24, many good deeds were made. Specifically, the number goes up to 798. This is exactly the number of gifts you donated.

Every single non-profit organization at DobraKrajina.sk is engaged in an extremely important work. Whether it is helping disadvantaged people, fighting poverty and corruption or improving education. However, very often it is not that easy and sometimes it requires a great deal of determination. This is the reason why is the support you expressed to non-profit organizations yesterday so important. Every single euro that was collected for non-profit projects during the 24-hour Donation Marathon will not only be used to do good deeds, but it will also mean tremendous support and motivation for non-profit organizations to continue their work. For all of this we would like to express our sincere gratitude to you, our dear donors!

How big was your support?

You only had 24 hours. Exactly from midnight to midnight. But it was clear already during the first hours that you took the relay of the Donation Marathon with great determination. Unbelievable number of 798 gifts in the amount of Euro 8296.52 was given to the projects of the Great Country. This amazing sum was distributed to 63 projects. The highest donation, up to Euro 500 went to the Online Psychological help project.

24 hours, 60 NGOs, 798 donations, 8296.52 €, a lot of people with good heart

In this year’s 24-hour Donation Marathon, the largest help was given to disadvantaged people. The theme “Joyful Life” received a beautiful amount of Euro 4,895.25 which can bring a lot of joy without doubt. You have also shown us that you are interested in education, combating corruption and poverty and in small local initiatives.

Education, Better life, Poverty, Fight against corruption, Catapult

Bonus for Nezábudka

The largest amount of money was collected by the centre Nezábudka, which is daily attended by nearly 50 children and young people with severe health disabilities. The Pontis Foundation is pleased to grant Nezábudka with bonus of 500 Euro 🙂 However, other projects have been very successful too. Second place was taken by the Online Psychological Help project, which provides online assistance to young people. The third place was taken by a project “I can’t hear you, but I can speak to you.“Thanks to your help, it will be able to open up the world for children with or without hearing impairments. You also supported education in civil rights or the forgotten playground in Kopčany, which is in the maintenance of the Ulita civic association and many other great projects.

  1. Nezábudka 3232.25 Euro
  2. Online Psychological Help 1029.65 Euro
  3. “I can’t hear, but I can speak to you.“820.30 Euro
  4. Education in civil rights 545.30 Euro
  5. Our neighbourhood is our playground 363.86 Euro

With direct donations and 5% you have also supported the Great Country project in the amount of Euro 503.13. The Pontis Foundation provides technical support of their portal to all projects for free. We also cover all the associated costs for upgrading the portal, payment mechanisms and fees to banks and card companies as well as the equipment and reporting of the public collection by means of which it is organised. Out of the 5% that donors give to the operations of the Great Country, we receive annually approximately € 6,000, which we use to promote the announced projects, such as this 24-hour Donation Marathon. Most of the costs can be paid mainly thanks to our business partners. Thank you!

Who we are

We create strong and meaningful linkages between the corporate, civic and public sectors in our three strategic topics – social innovation, philanthropy and responsible entrepreneurship. We build expertise our expertise in these issues, bring trends, promote long-term impact, and inspire.

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