22. 03. 2017

54 projects apply for the Generation 3.0 Award

54 projects applied for awards for remarkable educational approaches in the first year.

The possibility to nominate oneself for the award was opened for the first time ever in February. The Pontis Foundation intends to award schools or non-profit organisations that enhance the better education of children and young people in Slovakia.

 We have registered 54 nominations altogether. Most of the projects (34) came from non-profit organisations. However, eleven primary schools, seven high schools, and two universities were nominated as well. Most of the projects concern innovative educational methods, but projects trying to change and improve the overall atmosphere at schools also emerged.

The topics of the projects include information technology and the natural sciences in most cases. When it comes to the development of students’ skills, they mostly focus on critical thinking and global skills: i.e., skills that improve such things as communication and relations between various cultures.

The evaluation board, which is composed of practitioners and the Generation 3.0 Advisory Council, will evaluate the projects and decide which of the projects will proceed to the second round. The results will be published on 11 April. The awards ceremony will be held on 3 May at the Generation 3.0 Forum, an event where the creators of the top 15 projects will give presentations. The evaluation board will choose three award winners based on their presentations.

The awards ceremony is definitely not the end of this endeavour. We will be cooperating with the award winners in the future. We will measure their impact, verify their effectiveness, and help them disseminate their work to other schools.

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