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Customers have decided that Tesco will distribute 170,000 euros to local projects

Customers cast more than 3.1 million votes for local projects in all Tesco stores throughout Slovakia. They decided on the winners of the 12th edition of the grant programme You Decide, We Help. Tesco will now distribute the sum of 170,000 euros among 231 publicly beneficial projects.

People in Slovakia like the programme You Decide, We Help, as they are not indifferent to the environment and communities in which they live. This is evidenced by the 3.1 million tokens that were handed over, used for voting in the 12th edition of the programme. Projects in the field of health, sports, culture, and the development of community life received the most votes. In 12 editions of the programme, customers have already cast over 36 million votes for projects.

“We are pleased with the great interest of project authors and customers in participating in the programme You Decide, We Help. In total, Tesco donated almost 1.9 million euros to support communities in Slovakia. It distributed the funds to 2,310 projects across all regions. We will announce the next grant call in the spring. We realise that our commitment to being a good neighbour is even more important in society’s current difficult economic situation,” says Michaela Lehotská, Tesco’s CSR manager.

Source: Tesco

Customers in Brezno were the most active in voting in this edition. Tesco recorded the most significant number of customers in Trnava, with customers having cast up to 80,308 votes. Projects and initiatives in health, sports, culture and the development of community life scored the most votes. In each edition, an independent expert jury consisting of representatives of Tesco and non-profit organisations, including the Pontis Foundation, selects 231 best projects. The support goes to projects, thanks to which new community spaces, gardens, parks, playrooms, theatres, and sports fields will be created, monuments will be restored, or various sports or cultural events, courses, educational activities and many others will be organised.

“We appreciate that Tesco supports communities across Slovakia for a long time and helps non-governmental organisations maintain beneficial activities even in the current difficult times. The projects strengthen social cohesion and solidarity, and it’s great that the customers who participate in voting every year also perceive this,” said Barbora Hullová, programme manager of the Pontis Foundation.

Customer voting took place from the 16th of January to the 12th of February 2023, in all 157 Tesco stores in Slovakia. Tesco will support projects with the most tokens from customers with 1,300 euros, second place with 600 euros and ideas in third place with 300 euros. In this programme edition, Tesco will distribute almost 170,000 euros among 231 projects.

The grant programme You Decide, We Help supports various public benefit initiatives in the fields of health, sports, education and culture. It can be, for example, the construction of a children’s playground or cycle path, the creation of a sports activity for kindergarteners and seniors, the safer functioning of a leisure centre, the construction of an insect hotel and the protection of bees.

The winning projects from previous editions are available on the website of the grant programme.
Along with a number of other projects, the 12 editions of the You Decide, We Help programme have helped to achieve the following:

  • To organise over 100 cultural events,
  • To renovate almost 60 playgrounds,
  • To organise approximately 200 educational activities,
  • To beautify more than 150 public gardens and parks,
  • To hold more than 10 children’s camps,
  • To support more than 20 activities to help animal shelters.

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