11. 06. 2017 Philanthropy

Employees of DM Drogerie Markt helped people in need again

The company DM Drogerie Markt encourages its employees to notice those who are in serious social or medical need.

The Endowment Fund DM Drogerie Markt at the Pontis Foundation was established in response to the need of using means from assigned tax for philanthropic purposes and to allow the employees to decide how this money would be used. The fund aims to support public interest activities through grant programs and support projects in the areas of quality of communal life, sports, education, culture, environment, health, social aid, and volunteering.

The philanthropic program “We Want to Help Each Other” started in 2013. This year 21 project proposals were submitted. Funds allocated for this grant program were intended for an employee, his or her family or other people in their surroundings who are either seriously ill or otherwise medically or socially disadvantaged and need funds to deal with their difficult situation.

At the end of May, the evaluation committee decided which applications would be supported. “The highest number of applications came from parents who need rehabilitation for their seriously ill children. We helped them cover at least part of the costs of rehabilitation stays or aids,” says Zuzana Vinklerová, the authorized representative of DM Drogerie Markt.

It turned out that even a small financial support in the amount of EUR 500 can help people in Slovakia in a difficult life situation. An example might be the family of 2-year-old Kristínka from Nemšová, who needs special rehabilitation. “Kristínka is two years old. She was born early at 30 weeks. She wasn’t breathing when she was born. She had to be resuscitated, which affected her health. Her body is hypotonic, and her limbs are hypertonic,” explains the paediatrician Marta Špániková, one of the members of the evaluation committee.

Financial support also went to Nikolka, a four-year-and-a-half-year-old girl who had spent most of her life in hospitals. After three years of hospital treatment she was finally released into home treatment, and she can spend more time with her beloved family. However, she still has to stay in hospital quite often, which is financially very demanding. The parents of Eliška and Linda, twins who suffer from impaired hearing, will be able to buy spare parts for their implants. Due to a rare genetic disorder Ms. Beáta’s daughter needs 24/7 care. As a result, her mother cannot get permanent employment. Financial support from the Endowment Fund DM Drogerie Markt will help at least a bit.

The employees who have a seriously ill or otherwise medically or socially disadvantaged relative in their family recommended supporting 21 applications. “Through the Endowment Fund DM Drogerie Markt we are going to support all 21 families and individuals with the amount of almost EUR 10,000,” adds Monika Balajthyová, the coordinator of the Endowment Fund DM Drogerie Markt.

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