23. 10. 2017 Transparency

Five reasons to become a member of the Fund for a Transparent Slovakia

Your membership includes several interesting benefits.

1 Positive reputation. Be perceived as part of a strong community of decent companies. Join like-minded companies which have made this their mission.

2 Transparency leadership. Show Slovakia that you are saying a clear NO to corruption, that you care about transparency principles, and that your company’s values go beyond the formal code of conduct.

3 An opportunity to be part of a platform uniting inspiring people. The representatives of the member companies are people convinced that social change is necessary and useful and want to be actively involved in affecting that change.

4 An opportunity to do something good for the country in which you operate. Corruption has long been perceived as one of Slovakia’s most pressing social issues. The Fund was established for companies which want to actively contribute to dealing with it.

5 The auspices of the Pontis Foundation, which is a guarantee of long experience and the meaning use of funds.

We will be pleased if your company decides to join the Fund for a Transparent Slovakia. Should you have any questions about the membership, please don’t hesitate to contact Radana Deščíková, the administrator of the Fund and the programme manager of the Pontis Foundation, either by e-mail at radana.descikova@nadaciapontis.sk, or by phone at 0918 580 097. 

Who we are

We link together companies, non-governmental organisations, state institutions, communities, and individuals to make positive changes in education, responsible entrepreneurship, and fight against corruption and poverty.

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