27. 06. 2017 Corporate responsibility

How to Start with Corporate Volunteering?

Download our recommendations on how helping others adds value to your business.

Corporate volunteer programmes represent a continuously growing form of corporate philanthropy. Companies actively involve their employees in volunteering activities and providing support to their community. Such practice interconnects two crucial aspects of responsible entrepreneurship – one being positive contribution to society, the other provable positive impact on employees, their motivation and overall performance.

If your company has no or little experience in volunteering and is open to dedicate time to it, it is recommended to take upon a systematic approach right from the start. At first glance, volunteering might seem as a fun activity which rests on a good will of all participants but, in fact, an effective setup of corporate volunteer programme is a rather lengthy process that demands involvement and cooperation of different departments in the company.

Download Business Leaders Forum´s recommendations, a practical guide on how to start with corporate volunteering in your company:


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