08. 12. 2016 Transparency

In Slovakia the business sector also actively contributes to the fight against corruption

We recognize December 9 as the International Anti-Corruption Day

When Slovakia finds itself at the 2nd place of an international raking, it is mostly good news; but not always, however. The recent medialization of the World Economic Forum raking provided a rather sad diagnosis for our country as Slovakia scored the 2nd place in the Corruption Perceptions Index concerning the developed countries. Not everyone is giving up when it comes to corruption, though. Moreover, the business sector has participated in the fight against it. The need to solve this problem has been regularly stressed by the December 9 International Anti-Corruption Day since 2005.

“In Slovakia there is an increasing number of businesses worried about the state of corruption influencing the business environment. They are trying to solve this situation by developing social pressure and by systematic support for bodies active in controlling the activity of the public institutions and the public finances management,” Ondrej Gallo, the Fund for a Transparent Slovakia manager, explains. 

There are 3 reasons, why businesses fight against corruption

Clear business rules, a chance of fair competition by state contracts, law enforcement and equality before the law – the conditions that help each of the business to be successful and to grow.

Transparency and openness to partners, employees or suppliers is a value embodied in their DNA. They understand that a good reputation is the basis for a successful business.

Slovakia is a country with an enormous human and economic potential. Transparency is the key to fulfil this potential. In many cases entrepreneurs have experience from other countries where the fight against corruption thrives. They aim to bring this positive experience to Slovakia and thus contribute to a better life in our country. 

On 9 December the Fund for a Transparent Slovakia launches the fifth year of the grant program. Within its framework it is going to support organizations which have been asserting the growth in transparency of public life over a long term, while also creating measures for diminishing the opportunities for corruption and an abduction of state. In cooperation with these businesses we will distribute 140,000 euros for this purpose. More information can be found on Pontis Foundation page.

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