16. 12. 2019 Corporate responsibility

Ivana Vagaská to Lead an Association of Firms, the Business Leaders Forum

In the period of 2020 – 2023, Ivana Vagaská will be leading the association of responsible firms, the Business Leaders Forum. She is replacing Michal Kišša in the position of the executive director of the association.

Michal Kišša has led the Business Leaders Forum since 2015. “In four years, we have brought together 48 firms which take a fair approach to doing business. We have managed to raise awareness of responsible entrepreneurship and, importantly, our voice is relevant to the professional community too. I completely trust Ivana and I am sure that she will lead the association in the right direction,” says Michal Kišša, who will be fully devoted to the management of the Pontis Foundation as an executive director.

The Business Leaders Forum members elected Ivana Vagaská for a four-year term unanimously. “I see the greatest benefit of the association especially in connecting various companies with different possibilities and experiences. We have good practice in our hands and want it to go far beyond the Business Leaders Forum. My goal is to make socially responsible entrepreneurship a matter of course, something that will be an everyday reality in operations of firms,” says Ivana Vagaská.

For Ivana, the most important activities of the Business Leaders Forum are interconnecting companies with similar fields of interest, remaining focused on professional content and responding to current social topics. “I am convinced that the voice of the association of responsible firms in favour of the values of decency and fairness should be heard in the public debate,” adds the newly elected director.

Ivana Vagaská has been focusing on the issue of responsible entrepreneurship since 2012 when she joined the Pontis Foundation. Since 2018, she has led the Corporate Responsibility Team, which covers the activities of the Business Leaders Forum, Diversity Charter Slovakia, organises the BLF CSR Summit and Via Bona Slovakia Awards. In addition to these activities, Ivana specialises in individual CSR consulting to companies. She is a graduate of the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Economics in Bratislava. In the past, she also worked in the field of human rights, PR and communication.

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