21. 04. 2017 Pontis Foundation

Nearly 3.9 million Tesco customers participated in the program “You Decide, We Help”

After counting customer votes, we know the winners of all 77 Slovak regions.

Customers’ voting for nonprofit organizations, civic associations, or nursery schools in Tesco’s “You Decide We Help” program is over. 405 applications were submitted for the second year, of which 224 projects were selected by the evaluation committee. Based on the number of tokens awarded by customers, 77 winning ideas receive a financial contribution of 1300 Euros.

 “I really like the growing interest of our customers in the program You Decide, We Help. An incredible number of customers, 3,862,351 people voted in the second edition of the program. In May 2017, we will already start the next edition of the program You Decide, We Help to be able to help again where it is needed,” says Country Lead Tesco Stores SR, Martin Kuruc.

The total winner was the project “Safe Transport Education”, which received 121, 240 votes from customers. The main goal is the completion of a traffic playground at the St. Vincent de Paul nursery school in Bratislava, Ružinov. The sum will be used to buy tricycles and helmets for children from 3 to 5 years of age. “By purchasing helmets and tricycles, we will enable children to improve their knowledge of traffic rules from an early age. We are excited that thanks to the program You Decide, We Help we could present our work and we appreciate the funds raised to support the education of our children,“ explains Katarína Goliašova, a member of the civic association Iniciatíva rodičov Ružinova.

The Pontis Foundation participated in the program as an administrator who provided technical and professional support. Program Coordinator of the Pontis Foundation, Radana Deščíková, stated that: “We found this cooperation with Tesco very pleasant mostly because it was focused on local projects supported by the local community. We were involved in communication with applicants, we provided consultations on project implementation, we also helped with their assessment of transparency, credibility, sustainability and impact.”

Updated voting results (including week 4) will soon be also officially posted on the website  https://pomahame.tesco.sk/list-of-projects 

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