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Nosene: We want our help to be at least as good as it has been until now

Last year’s winner of the Good Partner for the Community award has a clear priority – helping abused women.

The Nosene team – winners of the Good Partner for the Community award

According to its own motto, Nosene is a “shop that makes you feel good and sells clothes that smell wonderful”. Old clothing gets a chance to live a second life in two different ways – suitable pieces are sold in the shop while less preserved ones are used to create new products. This allows the company to promote recycled fashion and preserve the environment.  Nosene also has a project titled Purchases That Help – Helping Abused Women. Part of the proceeds from every purchase are used to help abused women. This was the project that earned Nosene the Via Bona Slovakia Award in the Good Partner for the Community category.  

We have talked to Katarína Hutyrová, co-founder of Nosene, and asked her what the Via Bona Slovakia Award means for the company.

Nosene won the Via Bona Slovakia Award for 2016 in the Good Partner for the Community category. What did this achievement mean for you?

The award that our team received came as confirmation that we are not the only ones who consider the project meaningful. We saw that experts in this area share our conviction. It was one of those moments when you realize that you don’t have to be a large corporation with years of experience to receive an award like this. We truly value this expression of trust and are very proud to have received the Via Bona Award.

What have you achieved over the past year?

Last year, we opened a new shop in Banská Bystrica and started to work with several new partners. Our activities have enabled us to help abused women both financially and with material assistance. This has always been our key priority and we will continue to focus on this area in the future.

What responsible activities are you currently involved in? What is your biggest priority for the future?

Our activities haven’t changed much since we received the award. To name one that has, we now offer companies presentations on providing support for abused women. The presentations are connected with practical workshops that focus on the upcycling and recycling of clothes. Our main priority is maintaining the project in its current form while expanding it to other cities. We want our help to be at least as good as it has been until now or make it even better.

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