11. 02. 2021 Pontis Foundation

Our Town 2021 opens a registration process for companies

The best-known corporate volunteering event in Slovakia entitled Our Town, organised by the Pontis Foundation, opens a registration process for companies. They will have the opportunity to send their employees to spend a day in nature, schools, community centres and castles, in June. Thus, even in these times of crisis, companies will significantly help organisations, which often are not in the spotlight. Their employees will exchange home offices for time spent with their colleagues.

This year, Our Town will take place on the 11th of June. It will build on last year’s success when it took place at the time of the coronavirus pandemic in compliance with maximum security measures. This will be the 15th year of this event, which brings together companies, municipalities and the civic sector with a clear goal – to clean, beautify and visibly improve the towns in which we live.

Everyone wins here. Thanks to Our Town, companies can increase the engagement of their employees and organisations, and schools and local governments receive the necessary help.

“We are preparing a wide range of activities for companies and their employees, such as cleaning river banks and parks, renovating schools, kindergartens and low-threshold centres, or rescuing well-known Slovak castles,” Michal Kišša, Executive Director of the Pontis Foundation says. He adds: „This year again, we will put a special emphasis on health. Despite the difficult situation, we will do everything to ensure that the event can take place safely, because assistance to civic organisations, various associations and schools is more necessary during the coronavirus pandemic than ever before.”

Individual activities will be held under strict hygienic measures and in small groups in 2021 again. Only people from the same company will be able to sign up for the same activity. Most activities will take place outdoors. At the same time, for safety reasons, we have excluded activities in care homes this year too.

Companies interested in participating in the event can register today on our website.

The registration will close on the 8th of March, 2021. The registration of participants, as well as the selection of activities, will then start on the 6th of May.

About Our Town

Our Town is the best-known corporate volunteering event in Central Europe. Last year, approximately 3,550 volunteers participated in the event through activities in various locations all across Slovakia. Employees from 84 companies and institutions helped in 14 Slovak towns and municipalities and their surroundings. The corporate volunteers helped in 97 non-profit organisations, low-threshold centres, schools and kindergartens.


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