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PayLess Consulting: We reveal our cards at the very first meeting with the clients

PayLess Consulting was named a “Fair Market Player” for its transparent and responsible client approach last year.

The representatives of PayLess Consulting with the Via Bona Slovakia Award 2015.

The company PayLess Consulting deals with the optimization of telecommunication services and provides complex care for these services: monthly reports, complaint handling, or product changes. As the company itself declares, its main philosophy is built on five foundation stones: transparency, openness, honesty, fairness, and independence. How do these factors work in practice?

Before starting cooperation with a client, the company always does a free and unbinding analysis of all telecommunication services the client uses. What follows is the optimization of these services, which means that the company tailors them to the client’s needs for reasonable prices. At the moment the average savings represent 50 %. The company receives half of the savings achieved in one year in return for its services. If the client does not make any savings, the company has worked free of charge. The client does not make any advance or extra payment, and the company’s reward is adequate to the service provided. The company also offers its services to civic associations, but free of charge. Contract terms and conditions are fair. If they do not like them or if they think they no longer need the company’s services, clients can terminate the contract any time. The company received a Via Bona Slovakia Award in the Fair Market Player 2015 for its exemplary approach to all partners.

We talked to Ľudovít Tatár, who is responsible for the first contact with clients in PayLess Consulting, to find out what the award meant to the company and how the company breaks down the distrust of clients.

What did the Via Bona Slovakia Award for 2015 in the Fair Market Player category mean to you?

First of all, it was unexpected. We didn’t believe we would get to the finals. For such a small business as we are, it meant publicity in the first place. It further confirmed that what we do and how we do it is right and meaningful.

In which direction have you developed in the past year?

We have tried to help as many clients as possible as our value dictate. The Via Bona Slovakia Award will help us convince new clients, although we still encounter distrust. Clients simply don’t want to believe that the services we offer are so favourable as we say. Where’s the catch? How do they want to deceive me? Clients are used to terms and conditions in small print and therefore don’t understand that we reveal our cards at the very first meeting and don’t want to fool them.

What sustainable or CRS activities are you currently involved in? What is your biggest future priority?

We are trying to help the public sector. Their conditions are unacceptable. We usually help them achieve savings of 80% on average!

Is your business fair? Nominate your company for the Via Bona Slovakia Award 2016

The Pontis Foundation invites nominations for the prestigious Via Bona Slovakia Award again. Companies can nominate their CSR and ethical projects by 20 January 2017. All important information is available at www.viabona.sk.

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