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Restaurant Day 2017 – When the way to good deeds is through the stomach

On May 20, different Slovak NGOs will open their gates and kitchens so you can see and taste for yourself.

DobraKrajina.sk involves only good projects and good people. On Restaurant Day 2017 they will convince you that not only love, but also good deeds go through your stomach. 7 Slovak non-profits are going to treat you and introduce their work to you. This is the fourth year that you can look inside their kitchens and taste non-traditional dishes prepared by them. On this day, they are going to open pop-up restaurants and bistros. For a voluntary contribution you will be able to try what they have cooked for you.

Restaurant Day has been held since 2011 in 60 countries. Slovakia cannot therefore be missing. However, it is not only about good food. It is especially about good people who change Slovakia for the better on a daily basis. You can find out what they do on Saturday, 20 May. If you can’t wait and you want to make sure you will not miss your menu, make an advance booking through Zľava dňa.

Restaurant Day was founded in Helsinki, Finland, in 2011, and since then it has been held in 60 countries. Every year it involves thousands of one-day pop-up ventures which create a unique “food festival”. Anybody can open a one-day pop-up restaurant. You must only choose an original place and want to pride yourself on delicious food.

Restaurants in Bratislava

A tasty menu is going to be offered by Eduma in the Old Market. Try their enticing Oriental risotto or wild Gypsy marikle. At Baštová 5 Človek v ohrození is going to serve pancakes of diverse global flavours. They are also going to offer Moldavian lemonade and Nepalese tea and coffee. A picnic menu is going to be ready in a playground in the neighbourhood of Kopčany. It is going to be provided by Ulita. You can have vegetable goulash and cake while sitting on the grass. At Partizánska lúka you can try excellent cake made by Slovak celebrities and enjoy a rich accompanying program. OZ Nepočujúce dieťa prepared a fun afternoon program where you can learn to perceive the world through new senses. Stopy snov is going to treat you in a theatre. Besides a performance, you will also be able to enjoy theatre canapés in the Culture and Community Centre Zora.

Návrat gives a warm welcome in Žilina and OZ Barlička in Prešov

Žilina will not lag behind Bratislava. In the beautiful bark at Budatínsky Castle you will be able to try goodies made by Návrat. As an extra you will get either good coffee or home-made lemonade. Prešov joined the event too. You will be able to try various sweet and savoury delicacies at Majáles, a traditional May celebration, in Barlička.

Let us introduce the good cooks

A tasty menu in Eduma

Where: Stará tržnica, Námestie SNP 25, Bratislava

When: 10.00 am until time unknown

Menu: A thousand and one nights risotto, “wild” Gypsy maricle, invigorating tea, emotional elixir and cake with a story

At EDUMA we can see an interesting and strong story behind each person. If you like other people’s stories, come and see us at the Living Book Reading Room at the Old Market (on the first floor) in Bratislava. You will enjoy our tasty menu full of wisdom and surprise. Our Onlinezivakniznica.sk is very diverse. It is filled with stories of people who you might have never heard about but who can surprise you make you happy, laugh, or cry with their stories. Their stories are about overcoming fear, coping with one’s otherness, overcoming obstacles, but also about unflagging hope that things and people can be changed for the better. Our Living Books have one thing in common – the courage to speak and name the obstacles aloud. For this reason, we would like to introduce them to you. On Restaurant Day you will be able to talk to some of them in person or watch others on our big screen in our Reading Room. You will also be able to find out if you are afraid of new, unnamed things or if you know your own emotions well. Together we will write a big adventure book about what and who we are afraid of in life and how we overcome our fears. Little illustrators who are not afraid of cheerful bogeymen and monsters are also welcome. We are looking forward to seeing you.

A picnic at Ulita

Where: Playground managed by OZ Ulita at Kopčianska 90, Bratislava

When: 12.00–16.00

Menu: Vegetable spread and bread, vegetable goulash, cake, fruit juice

Have you heard about Kopčany? Ulita operates a community centre for children and young people here. Until recently Kopčany lacked areas where children could play and do sports safely. Together with the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, we are trying to change things. Please accept our invitation to a picnic and enjoy its cheerful atmosphere and try our goodies. We joined forces with Free Food to give home to the food we will not be able to sell. Come and support several great projects at a time and spend a pleasant afternoon with us.

Global pancakes in Človek v ohrození

Where: The Centre of Človek v ohrození, Baštová 5, Bratislava

When: 13.00–17.00

Menu: a selection of pancakes (Cuban, Iraqi, Kenyan, East Slovak or Greek), Moldavian lemonade, Nepalese tea, coffee “One World”

In Slovakia we open the doors of community centres for children from excluded localities on a daily basis because we believe we all deserve a chance for a good life. In Iraq we are building classrooms for the children of refugees who have experienced only war. In Kenya we are planting greenery to help local fishermen to regain their livelihoods. In Cuba we are supporting the freedom of expression and in Greece we are helping those who are fleeing gunshots and violence. This is what Človek v ohrození does at home and abroad. On Saturday, 20 May, you are cordially invited to try pancakes from different corners of the world.

Listen to the world with new senses with OZ Nepočujúce dieťa

Where: Partizánska lúka, Železná studnička, Bratislava

When: 14.00–18.00

Menu: Excellent cake from Slovak celebrities, invigorating coffee, silent pranks

Come and enjoy a remarkable and cheerful afternoon at Partizánska lúka. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime atmosphere with your friends, family, and children, learn a lot of interesting things, meet famous personalities, and contribute by buying goodies from our celebrity kitchen. OZ Nepočujúce dieťa works with families with children with impaired hearing in Slovakia. We help them hear – HEAR, but also listen to their needs. We seek not to isolate hearing-impaired children, but to offer them opportunities to get adequate education, learn to speak and develop correctly in the company of their peers. We have built up an educational community portal www.NepocujuceDieta.sk, managed to get higher contributions for hearing aids, supported the establishment of a children’s audiology centre in Bratislava, and launched an advisory centre for parents. At the moment we are developing further educational materials for parents, a dictionary of signs as well as new opportunities for special pedagogy students.

Theatre canapés with Stopy snov

Where: The Culture and Community Centre Zora, Okružná 1, Bratislava

When: 14.00–19.00

Menu: canapés, muffins and lemonade

Would you like to feel like a philanthropist and appear on a real stage? Stopy snov is a group of non-traditional theatre personalities which has performed for 7 seasons and produced 6 authorial performances. It includes eight actors with mental or combined disabilities, the actresses Patrícia Jarjabká Garajová, Dominika Vojteková and Alena Horňáková, and the director Robo Horňák. Come and see us at the Culture and Community Centre Zora. You will support the theatre-therapy association Stopy snov, have something to eat, something to drink, and you will see something on stage.

Family treasures in Návrat

Where: Park at Budatínsky Castle, Topoľová 1, Žilina

When: 14.00–17.00

Menu: home-made cake according to a secret family recipe, coffee, fresh lemonade

At present 4,500 children in Slovakia do not live with their parents. These children often suffer from traumas and carry immense burdens – for example, solitude, disappointment, loss, lack of trust, guilt, or lack of belonging. Návrat is looking for parents who could create a safe home for them.  In our café you will be able to try our home-made goodies, have a good time with children, playing family games, and take away a good feeling from meeting and supporting us. We are looking forward to meeting you and discovering real treasures with you!

Majáles in Barlička

Where: a school orchard at Primary School at Matice slovenskej Street in Prešov

When: 19 May, from 15.00 to 20.00

OZ Barlička works with the disabled and senior citizens, providing them with social services. It is found in Sídlisko III in Prešov in a beautiful old orchard, and it is gradually changing into an inclusive community centre with a community garden, a maternity centre, and a children’s playground. We have launched a tradition of neighbourhood activities such as Five O’Clock Tea, Game Club, Neighbourhood Fitness, Summer Cinema, Neighbourhood Ball, Earth Day, May Celebration, or Multicultural Food Festival. We organize meetings of people living in our neighbourhood to make it a good place to live.

Who we are

We create strong and meaningful linkages between the corporate, civic and public sectors in our three strategic topics – social innovation, philanthropy and responsible entrepreneurship. We build expertise our expertise in these issues, bring trends, promote long-term impact, and inspire.

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