01. 07. 2021 Corporate responsibility

Sloboda zvierat (tr. Animal Freedom) will receive a special grant from Our Town

Do I need a new T-shirt every year? Many volunteers had asked this question before the Our Town event, and we had also thought about it for a long time. The new playful design of the T-shirt had been an annual tradition of the event but at the same time, it did not match the idea of sustainability, which we, as a foundation, have long been striving for. For this reason, this year, we came up with a novel idea and offered volunteers to check the option "I don't want a T-shirt". Even better, with the funding saved that would otherwise be spent on textile production, we supported the work of an important non-profit organisation.

Up to 861 Our Town participants chose the option of not ordering a new T-shirt. These volunteers preferred to use T-shirts from previous years and thus support the idea of sustainability.

With the funding saved, we decided to support one of the organisations dedicated to nature protection. The volunteers decided who would receive the special grant in a poll immediately after the event. They could select from 19 organisations. The largest number of people voted for Sloboda Zvierat (tr. Animal Freedom), which will receive a grant of 1,000 euros.

“On behalf of our organisation, we would like to thank you for providing funding from the Pontis Foundation. We appreciate the positive response to our several years of cooperation. We will use the grant to provide a shelter for abandoned and abused animals,” says Kristína Devínska, Campaign Coordinator at Sloboda zvierat (tr. Animal Freedom).

The majority of the volunteers also stated in the poll that they could imagine using the same T-shirts in the following years of Our Town. Therefore, we decided to repeat this idea with a small change in 2022. We believe that next years’ volunteers will take the opportunity not to order a new T-shirt and thus help the planet and contribute to the sustainability of the event. So be sure to keep your Our Town T-shirts and wear them again in a year!

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