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Social innovators are connecting for pro bono

People from both civic as well as state sector companies met with social innovators at the first meeting.

Personalities from the civic sector, politicians, businessmen, doctors, teachers, journalists, priests, clerks as well as some mayors who appeared on the map of social innovators maintain that everyone in Slovakia is able do their part. The one thing we should stop doing is complaining, we should take the initiative and start changing things.

More than 150 social innovators met in one place

“Creating a map of social innovators was the first step. That was why we organised the first networking meeting of social innovators in Bratislava,” explained Monika Brošková, programme manager from the Pontis Foundation.  The aim of the meeting was to link a heterogeneous mass of skilful people from the map and to offer them a place to get to know each other personally as well. “We consider it crucial to support the possibilities of cooperation and mutual support of these people. Thanks to their contribution, many ideas and opportunities of positive change in Slovakia can become a reality. Currently, we are preparing the www.inovatori.sk website, on which the interactive geographic map of social innovators will be available soon,” added Monika Brošková.

Heads joined to help

The evening began with a discussion featuring Lenka Surotchak from the Pontis Foundation, Michaela Jacová from Neulogy Ventures, Martin Filko from the Finance Ministry of the Slovak Republic, Olga Shirobokova from the Ashoka organisation and Matej Ftáčnik from The Spot. They reflected on topical issues such as: who are the people considered to be social innovators, how do they contribute to society and how can their potential be utilised. Also part of the evening was a Pro Bono Micro Marathon, on which the participants advised three social innovators – Štefan Straka from Svatobor, Ingrid Kosová from Quo Vadis and Marián Kasanov from the K&F Project on the challenges they are currently facing.

Why did we create the map?

“We wanted to announce that there are many people regarded as change-makers: from business, the civic sector, public administration,media and education. It is important to realise that there are a lot of us – either in capital cities or in regional areas and that we are not alone,” explained Olga Shirobokova from the Ashoka organisation, who stood at the establishment of the map of social innovators in Central European countries.

The Pontis Foundation, in cooperation with the Ashoka organisation mapped the people who are changing Slovakia for the better. Almost a thousand people who are considered bearers of positive change in three areas – education, social inclusion and active citizenship, appeared on the map of social innovators.

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