08. 12. 2016 Pontis Foundation

The autumn ENGAGE donation with a record outcome

Almost 7 tons of clothing and other necessities made its way to refugees, homeless and families in need.

19 organizations took part in the autumn garnering of clothes and necessities organized in cooperation with businesses within the Engage group. The earnings of this donation went to Bratislava, Nitra, Žilina, Jelšava, Orava, Humenné, Sečovce, Šamorín and many other towns and villages in Slovakia. Together we have managed to garner almost 7 tons of clothing and supplies. All of the donated things were then distributed among 16 non-profit organizations which will deliver them to people in need within their facilities and environments.   

„Most of all, we were garnering autumn and winter clothing and footwear for our clients. Moreover, we “garnered” a stove, a microwave, 21 mattresses and car seats for children as well,” Marek Richter, Pontis Foundation program coordinator, says.

“All of the received goods have been assorted and sent to foster houses in Jesenské, Hnúšťa and Tornaľa, where the children from our town are situated. The rest found its way to families in material need. We left the coffee machine and the sapper at the Community Center with the biggest number of Roma families. We gifted the mattresses to a family with children with no basic home facilities living on the edge of poverty,” Jana Januchová from Community Center in Jelšava says and further states: “The donation was organized very properly and this way we would like to thank everyone involved, especially those who provided clothing which was later distributed among families. Toys have also been packed and sent to foster houses, as well as to children of the “Kejďák” settlement. We are agreed that their uplifted little eyes and smiles on their faces were worth the effort. THANK YOU to everyone again and we are looking forward to our future cooperation.”

We were garnering these goods at business residencies which are based in these 4 cities: Bratislava, Nitra, Žilina a Galanta.

The employees of these 19 organizations we involved:

Allen & Overy, Accenture, Citibank, Dell, Foxconn, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Honeywell Bratislava, IBM, Kia Motors Slovakia, Kinstellar, Orange, Philip Morris Slovakia, PricewaterhouseCoopers Slovensko, Samsung, Slovak Telekom, Slovenské elektrárne company and Tatra banka bank. The Ministry of Finance of Slovak Republic and Pontis Foundation also contributed.

We gifted these 16 organizations: 

Civil Association Ain Karim – Šamorín, Civil Association Vagus, Slovak Humanitarian Counsel, Crisis Center Dúha, Domov sv. Jána z Boha association, Dom svitania Jakubov association, Community Center Jelšava, Gaudeamus association, Primary School Muránska Dlhá Lúka, Domov pre každého association, Civil Associtation Persona, Black white horse, Community Center na Predmestí, Diecézna charita Žilina charity, Úsmev ako dar association – Nitra branch and Pokoj a dobro – pomoc utečencom association

Non-profit organizations were gifted with:

  • 5477 kg of clothing for children and adults
  • 342 kg of drug-store goods and  kitchen necessities
  • 543 kg of house textiles and bed sheets
  • 409 kg of sport, school and relaxing necessities
  • 128 kg of creative material for manufactories and other necessities

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