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COOP Jednota

COOP Jednota is the largest retail network in Slovakia with the highest share of sales of Slovak products. The group is one of the major employers, providing work to more than 14,000 employees.

In its CSR strategy, Coop Jednota emphasises traditions and the local origin of products. It cooperates with more than 1,000 regional suppliers, which has a positive effect on maintaining jobs in the agricultural sector and increasing food self-sufficiency. In the long term, it also strives to adhere to the principle of equal opportunities. It actively supports women in management. At the moment, they have a 49% representation in individual consumer cooperatives. Through the Coop Jednota Foundation, the company supports local communities and motivates them to participate in the local and regional development.


Generali is one of the strongest insurance companies in the Slovak market. In 2019, it adopted a new strategy, an integral part of which is a commitment to sustainable development. Its main CSR topics include community support, health and property protection, and employees.

In 2018, in cooperation with the Union of Mother Centres, Generali launched the Learning for Life project. It aims to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds reach their full potential. The project focuses mainly on early care for children aged 0 to 6. The insurance company works to involves as many actors as possible in this initiative, including employees who have expressed an interest in becoming project ambassadors.

Another of the key topics of the insurance company is the protection of health and property. As part of the Generali Balans project, the company disseminates education, awareness and professional information through blog articles, podcasts, social networks and various discussions.

McDonald´s Slovakia

McDonald’s Slovakia has been operating in the Slovak market since 1995, and currently runs 35 restaurants. In 2018 and 2019, the company received the Best Employer Award in the category of Tourism, Gastronomy, and Hospitality. In its CSR strategy, the company focuses on the support of children’s hospitals in Slovakia, environmental protection and the care and education of its employees.

The company puts emphasis on the value of diversity. Thanks to flexible working hours, it enables people with disabilities, insufficient employment opportunities, parents with small children, and also pensioners who want to earn, to work. The company has long been building strategic partnerships with local suppliers who, in addition to meeting the conditions of the highest quality of raw materials, adhere to the rules to reduce the negative impact on the environment and animal welfare.

Through the Ronald McDonald House Charities Foundation, McDonald’s helps sick children and their families by revitalising children’s hospitals in Slovakia, including the provision of state-of-the-art medical equipment.


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