09. 06. 2017 Corporate responsibility

The eleventh year of Our City is over. THANKS!

Our City, the biggest event of corporate volunteering in Central Europe, was breaking records again.

On Friday and Saturday, 9 and 10 June, over 10,000 volunteers had “a date” with Our City. They helped233 non-profit organizations, low-threshold centres, social services centres, schools, and kindergartensto improve the environment in which they work. You could meet the volunteers from131 companies  in 52 towns and municipalities all over Slovakia.

“This is the third time I’ve participated in Our City. I have to say that I like it a lot. Since I’ve been living in Trnava for three years, I wanted to help the town. It is also a good thing because I have a sedentary job,”says a volunteer from Trnava. He then continues, “I am happy that there are more and more activities. It is great if a person has a choice. It is also very close to my home, so I can see the result all year round.” 

Volunteers also improved the look of the playground in Jamnického-Matejkovej Street in Dlhé Diely in

What we succeeded in doing:

7,109metres of fence and railing painted

1,398decorative plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers planted

910windows cleaned

903benches, tables, bins, jungle gyms, gazebos, and columns painted

397clients of social facilities spent a day with volunteers

177parks, gardens, educational trails, public areas, sports grounds, cyclist paths, facility sites, and playgrounds cleaned and revitalized

14rivers, streams, wells, and ponds cleared of rubbish

31sights cleaned

10castle ruins repaired, beautified, and revitalized

At Čeklís Castle volunteers from Adidas Bratislava and Budapest prepared conditions for masonwork.

Executive managers got involved as well.

Several CEOs and executive managers participated in Our City this year. Some participated in the activities side by side with their employees; others were involved in aCEO activity.The activity gathered23 top managers, who helped to improve the interior of Primary School and Kindergarten for audially disadvantaged children and pupils at Drotárska cesta in Bratislava.

“I personally find volunteering a good opportunity to connect with the local community. When I see how my knowledge and skills help a third party, it is a strong motivation and a source of satisfaction. And of course, it is a great pleasure,” said Paul Burt, an executive manager of IBM International Services Centre.

“It is not important what position a person holds in a company, we are all members of the same community. You co-create it and make it a better place no matter if you are a student or a manager of a shared services centre. It is an opportunity how to give something back to the community,” said Marián Užik, Finance Director at Johnson Control International.

The managers cleaned the year at Kindergarten and Primary School in Drotárska cesta.

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