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The Pontis Foundation presented awards for sustainable development. Among the winners are the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic and Zuzana Baťová

They bring innovation as well as strong moral values, and they have significantly contributed to the protection of human lives and health during the pandemic. This year, the Pontis Foundation has awarded the contribution of organisations, institutions, individuals and companies to the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs 2021 Awards ceremony took place on the 26th of October at the largest conference on responsible entrepreneurship in the region, entitled the CSR Summit. The Pontis Foundation presented awards in the following six categories:

  • Public Sector,
  • Non-governmental Non-Profit Organisation,
  • Media Campaign,
  • Leader,
  • Leader under 30,
  • Company.

“The main criterion was that the organisations, institutions and individuals have contributed to the fulfilment of Slovakia’s vision and development strategy 2030. The SDGs represent 17 goals that, according to world leaders, have the power to end poverty, fight inequalities and stop climate change,” explains Michal Kišša, Executive Director of the Pontis Foundation.

This year, several winners received awards for their contribution to the protection of human lives and health during the coronavirus pandemic. “With the award, we wanted to draw attention to exceptional people – leaders who have shown courage in a difficult time, took responsibility and tried to help Slovakia move a step forward,” adds Kišša.

A committee composed of representatives of different sectors (business, media, public and non-profit) recommended the nominees and subsequently also selected the winners.

The SDGs 2021 awards were presented by the Pontis Foundation as part of the CSR Summit. Source: Martina Mlčúchová

SDGs Awards 2021: Award-winners

Category: Public sector

Office of the President of the Slovak Republic

For popularising the topic and providing an inspiring example of climate protection from the position of a public institution.

The ambition of the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic is to be the first carbon-neutral office and, at the same time, inspire other public institutions. In cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment and the Institute of Environmental Policy, the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic commissioned a recalculation of its carbon footprint, thanks to which it determined specific goals for achieving carbon neutrality as early as 2030. Climate protection measures include, for example, the replacement of cars with combustion engines by electric cars or hybrids, the planting of at least 1,300 trees a year, the installation of photovoltaic panels on office buildings, and the introduction of green roofs and shelters. In May 2020, beehives were installed in the Presidential Garden, which have produced 50 kg of honey this year.

Category: Non-governmental Organisation

Dáta bez pátosu (tr. Data without Pathos)

For their contribution to streamlining the debate on the COVID-19 pandemic and for reminding us that we need to build on facts instead of emotions.

Data without Pathos is an independent initiative that brings together experts in data analytics, crisis management and graphical interpretation of data. The initiative was launched in 2020, at the time of the second wave of the pandemic, and focuses mainly on the interpretation of data related to the spread of the coronavirus. Its goal is to bring people reliable, understandable information and illustrate it with simple examples that everyone can understand. The members of the initiative helped analyse and interpret the data voluntarily and in a difficult situation, despite political reluctance or differences. Thanks to them, people gained an insight into the development of the pandemic in Slovakia and predictions for the future.

Category: Media Campaign

Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic

For an exemplary approach of a state institution to social media in the time of the pandemic, which brings clear facts, explanations, recommendations and thus takes communication to a higher level.

Various misinformation and hoaxes about the pandemic and vaccination have become frequent on social networks, and they directly impact people’s health and lives. Therefore, in 2020, the Ministry of Health innovated its online communication and changed the overall strategy. With the help of Jakub Goda, a publicist and disinformation expert, the Ministry began to communicate proactively on social networks. There, it regularly explains topics related to the pandemic and vaccination through attractive graphic images and videos. Through campaigns on Facebook alone, the Ministry has convinced over 150,000 people to get vaccinated.

Category: Leader

PharmDr. Zuzana Baťová, PhD.

For a firm stance, steadfastness and emphasising expertise despite political pressures.

Zuzana Baťová is a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Comenius University in Bratislava. Since 2016, she has worked as the Director of the State Institute for Drug Control, which issues decisions on the registration of medicinal products for human use. Zuzana Baťová came to the attention of the general public during a dispute with the Minister of Finance Igor Matovič in April this year. The minister, in relation to the registration of the Russian vaccine Sputnik, exerted political pressure on the State Institute for Drug Control, questioned the work of the office, but also the expertise and impartiality of Zuzana Baťová. At that time, a large part of the public stood up for Baťová, and dozens of people expressed their support for her with bouquets right in front of the state institution building.

Category: Leader under 30

Denisa Rášová

For the systematic building of awareness on the circular economy and interconnecting the key actors.

Denisa Rášová has been working on waste prevention and supporting the transition to the circular economy, especially in the business environment, for several years. In the field of circular economy, she has long worked with different private institutions and the public sector. She currently works as the coordinator of the Circular Slovakia platform, which she also helped establish. Thanks to its invaluable contribution, Circular Slovakia now has 50 members and supporters from the private, public and non-profit sectors, for whom this platform creates a number of synergies and opportunities in the circular economy.

Category: Company

MultiplexDX, Inc.

For the development of PCR tests, their subsequent donation to the state and developing countries, and building awareness about Slovak science abroad.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, MultiplexDX developed, validated and manufactured 10 different RT-PCR tests, which are now sold and distributed not only in Slovakia but also in another 26 countries. In May 2020, the company donated 250,000 RT-PCR tests to the Slovak Republic. In cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, it then donated further 100,000 tests in development and humanitarian aid to countries such as Kenya, Ukraine, Montenegro, Serbia and the Vatican. The tests were used to diagnose COVID-19 and were a significant asset in the fight against the coronavirus. The company has also developed tests to detect coronavirus variants, e.g. (B.1.1.7), which enabled the Public Health Office to set specific epidemiological measures to protect public health.

The award is sustainable too

The form of the award itself is in line with the idea of sustainability. It is the result of the work of a creative studio crafting plastics!, backed by a well-known pair of Slovak designers Vlasta Kubušová and Miroslav Kráľ. The award takes the form of plastic made from nuatan. Nuatan is a plastic material from renewable sources (made from corn starch), which is 100% degradable.

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