24. 11. 2015 Corporate responsibility

Via Bona Slovakia: Searching for accountable companies and strong stories

The Foundation is once again looking for companies in Slovakia that make responsible business and activities that can inspire others.

We are looking for future winners of Via Bona Slovakia in 2015, which is important for humanity, transparency, care for the community and the surrounding environment.

Companies that today do not question whether their business should be looking to strengthen accountability. Increasingly it is expected from the public, media, government and its employees. The main challenge is how to do it and how to bring solutions to have a greater benefit for society and the company itself. And just such inspiring examples of companies in the field of corporate philanthropy and responsible entrepeneurship every year elevate the Via Bona Slovakia award. 

Companies can nominate until 22 January in seven categories: 

  • Responsible Big Company
  • Responsible Small or Medium Company
  • Green Company
  • Great Employer
  • Fair Player on the Market
  • Good Community Partner
  • Supporter of Volenteering 

The awards are decided after an independent evaluation committee selects a shortlist of companies and that moves to public vote. Giving the decision over to the Slovak public. 

If you are among the companies that can inspire via their superior services for customers and fairness to other partners, accommodating conditions for employees and having a positive impact on the environment and their surroundings, let us know. Via Bona Slovakia 2015 again will bring the most inspiring, in corporate responsibility and philanthropy of the past year. We are looking for strong stories that convince others that fairness and caring for others can take their business further and help Slovakia change for the better.



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