16. 10. 2014

We are looking for authors of a chapter in a book on development education

Date of submission of the application is 9 November 2014.

The Pontis Foundation in cooperation with the NGO Support Centre in Cyprus and the Kimmage Development Studies Centre in Ireland is issuing a Call for Authors to write a chapter in a publication  on development education.

Book characteristic:

The proposed book will aim to broaden available resources in the area of development education in the New Member States (NMS) of the European Union. Instead of providing just another book on general development education (DE) topics, this publication aims to address unique issues and challenges present in the NMS countries. The selection committee will, therefore, focus on how the proposed text enriches the DE discourse in one or a group of NMS.

The main target group of the book are university lecturers, researchers,students and development practitioners. The submitted material should reflect this in an accessible content and style.

The book’s purpose is to be used as a learning toolkit for university educators. Each chapter will, therefore, include a conceptual introductory part and a teaching methodology part (see below).

The book will address 12 topics:

  1. Global Citizenship Education in post-2015
  2. Development Education in third level education
  3. Migration and Development
  4. Poverty: Who, where and why?
  5. Local and Global Governance: role and impact in development
  6. Civil Society and Social Activism: How to be relevant and engaged
  7. Global Inequality: Drivers and Consequences
  8. Climate Change: Threats and Challenges
  9. Sustainable Development vs. Economic Growth
  10. Global Health: New Challenges
  11. Food Production: Global Business, Local Consequences
  12. Corporate Social Responsibility: Role of Business in Development

Each topic will be composed of two parts:

  1. Theoretical/conceptual introduction

In the theoretical/conceptual introduction, authors should introduce the topic. They should explain the most important concepts and theories and address the current debates.

  1. Methodologies

This section should offer educators a set of tools that could help them teach the topic in both formal and non-formal setting. Authors should propose and describe several and no less than three different participatory teaching methods that could be used in class to better explain the given topic to students, as well as to stand alone as  part of the teacher’s toolkit . These could include interactive games, small group discussions or tasks, movie projections, infographics, photos, etc.

Formal requirements

The submitted text should be 6000-7000 words, including both the conceptual and methodological parts. Authors should dedicate an adequate portion of text to each of the two parts. Each part should be minimum 3000 and maximum 4000 words.

Authors should use the Harvard Referencing System.

Authors may include graphs, charts and pictures, but each must be of print quality. 

Application details:

To apply, authors should select one of the 12 topics listed above and submit their application along with the following documents:

Author’s CV, including contact information (email and telephone)
Sample chapter/article written by the author on a similar topic
Abstract of 300-400 words that would outline the chosen topic. Abstract should contain information on both conceptual and methodological part.


Date of submission of the application: 9 November 2014

Notification of the selected authors: 23 November 2014.

Date of submission of the complete text: 28 February 2015 

Author’s fee:

The selected authors will receive 300 euro as remuneration for the submitted text if accepted. 

Contact information:

Applications should be sent to michal.cenker@nadaciapontis.sk 

For more information, contact michal.cenker@nadaciapontis.sk 




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