24. 11. 2022 Philanthropy

We know the results of the Helping Hand 2022 employee grant programme

The goal of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Endowment Fund's employee grant programme at the Pontis Foundation is to support the organisations' community projects in the field of education, environmental protection, support and development of sports, provision of social assistance, preservation of cultural values, protection of human rights.

Applicants could be supported in the amount from 1000 to 1500 €. The projects will be implemented from November 2022 to the end of May 2023.

PricewaterhouseCoopers employees, as evaluators, selected 13 projects in two categories from among 22 registered applicants. The first category consisted of projects recommended by employees of PricewaterhouseCoopers; the second category consisted of projects with the direct, active involvement of an employee of the company.

The total supported amount of all projects totalled €16,640.

List of supported projects – recommendations of a company employee

List of supported projects – with the direct involvement of a company employee

We present several interesting projects from among the successful applicants:

Let’s Save Historic Wagons!

Applicant: Children’s Railway Košice

The Children’s Historic Railway in Košice is the only preserved railway of its kind in Slovakia. It has historical railway vehicles, including summer carriages, which are very popular with visitors. The project aims to reconstruct the drains on three to five historic summer open carriages. The drains are leaky and non-functional, the cars are leaking, the walls are getting wet, and the woodwork and the floor are being destroyed. By manufacturing new drains, they will prevent further devastation of historic carriages and significantly extend their lifespan and operation on the Children’s Historical Railway. Volunteers and the public will be involved in the project during the brigade when the drains will be dismantled and new ones installed.

Let’s Improve the Comfort for Our Small Patients and Their Companions


This project will bring a more beautiful and private world for the smallest patients in the infant department at the Department of Pediatric Surgery at the National Institute of Children’s Diseases. The aim of the project is to create a “feeling of home and privacy” for the smallest patients by purchasing film for the windows that are located between the walls of the rooms. Currently, patients and their companions see what is happening in another room during the day and at night, which is very disturbing for the quiet regime that hospitalisation requires. Securing foils will improve the feeling of privacy and comfort in individual rooms.

The Beauty and Brilliance of Modern Gymnastics

Applicant: Rapid Bratislava Rapid Bratislava – Physical Education Unit

Modern gymnastics is a wonderful sport that impresses not only with the difficulty and grace of movement but also with glittering jerseys and equipment. These are often the goal for which six-year-old girls can overcome the hard work in training. Matching the jersey and equipment with the gymnastic set can enhance the performance of the gymnast to the top level. The Beauty and Shine of Modern Gymnastics project focuses on purchasing gymnastic equipment for a group of ten talented six-year-old gymnasts and purchasing jerseys for Natália and Ema, who are included in the national team. We would especially like to support the gymnast Viktória by buying her a jersey – she lives in a foster family in Bratislava due to the poor health of her parents in Ukraine.

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