01. 04. 2022 Pontis Foundation

We now know the results of the grant call entitled Who Will Help Ukraine

More than a hundred projects have applied in the grant call for organisations helping people affected by the war in Ukraine. The evaluation committee selected 20 of them who will receive financial support for their activities. The aim of the call announced by the Pontis Foundation and Donio was to help Ukrainians coming to Slovakia or people in Ukraine through humanitarian aid. A total of 108 projects participated in the grant call. A total of 94 projects passed the formal inspection, while 14 applications did not meet the eligibility criteria. Therefore, the evaluation committee evaluated a total of 94 applications, of which 20 were selected, to which we will redistribute almost 1 million euros.

What projects we supported

Among the supported organisations is, for example, Mareeena. Thanks to the grant, the organisation will continue to operate the point of first contact at the Vyšné Nemecké border crossing, where it provides refugees with advice on their status and residence options in the Slovak Republic. The field team of staff and volunteers works 24/7 in three shifts and provide services to an average of 6,000 people a day.

Another supported organisations is Lymphoma and Leukemia Slovakia. Based on its many years of experience, the organisation can help cancer patients from Ukraine and their loved ones. It will help them navigate in the system of providing oncological health care in Slovakia, find and contact a suitable provider, translate medical reports, direct them to various support services (benefits in material need, psychological assistance, patient support group, etc.), or help them with interpretation during treatment.

The organisation Junior Achievement Slovakia will provide free Slovak language courses for refugees from Ukraine, with an emphasis on adult women and mothers. The project will provide the necessary language assistance, especially for women, with a perspective of gaining temporary refuge for themselves and their families and gaining employment. The basic language skills will allow for increased opportunities for employment, housing, children’s education, health care, material and administrative assistance and other needs.

IPčko was also supported. It focuses on providing the first psychosocial assistance to traumatised refugees from Ukraine since the start of the war, as well as to humanitarian workers, volunteers, interpreters and rescue service providers who experience acute stress and burnout at the borders of Vyšné Nemecké, Ubľa, and Veľké Slemence, and at the hotspots in Michalovce, Košice and Humenné. IPčko will also provide follow-up first psychological assistance to the survivors of the war who remain in Slovak detention camps through the Káčko Crisis Intervention Centres, the Crisis Helpline in the Ukrainian language and the IPčko Crisis Intervention Team.

A list of all supported projects can be found here.

The selection of projects was decided by an evaluation committee composed of:

  • Zuzana Suchová, Donio
  • Karolína Miková, Director of Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia (PDCS)
  • Amra Sarajlić, Department of Migration and Integration, Migration Office of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic
  • Daniel Kaba, Ambrela – Platform for Development Organisations
  • Braňo Tichý, expert in the field of human rights and international development

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