28. 08. 2013 Pontis Foundation

We took three fully loaded waste containers out of the Old Market Hall

After a break of several years, the Old Market Hall will serve the public thanks to the Alliance of Old Market Hall.

Three full high capacity waste containers were loaded during the first day volunteering in the Old Market Hall organized by Gábor Bindics and members of the Alliance of Old Market Hall. We took part in interior cleaning and cleaned out piles of rubbish which had been hidden inside the building for years.

On 21st June the Alliance of Old Market Hall became its lessee for ten years and aims to bring back the revival of food and community markets. The regular Sunday market should take place here too with a focuse on designer sales, sale of antiquities as well as bicycles. Illah van Oijen, a Dutch living in Slovakia and one of the representatives of the Alliance of Old Market Hall, comes up with ideas and hopes that The Old Market Hall will also offer a space for various conferences and events.

For more information visit the website Nová stará tržnica

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