29. 11. 2016 Corporate responsibility

We, with 7 partner organizations, will examine the success of EU directives in the area of CSR

Since October 2016 the Pontis foundation has been representing the Slovak Republic on an international project called Hi4CSR.

The project, operating under the auspices of Erasmus +, deals with the verification of the effectiveness of EU directives in the area of corporate responsibility (CSR).

The main objective of the project is education and exchange of experience and good practice between the project partners during the harmonization and implementation of EU directives in the field of (CSR). In addition to the Pontis Foundation the other participants in the project are Abis – The Academy of Business in Society (Belgium), Ekvilib Institute (Slovenia), Global Impact Grid (Germany), Institute for drustveno odgovorna poslovanje (Croatia), LUM University (Italy) and Trucost (UK). The main coordinator of the project is the RRIF-plus d.o.o. company, a leader in the field of finance and accounting from Croatia.

Another aim of the project is to create a CSR Guide – a guide that will systematically and transparently report on the implementation and functioning of EU directives in the context of CSR. The guide will be devoted to topics such as waste management, donating food, eco-labelling, reporting on non-financial indicators, the employment of persons with disabilities, innovations and other.

The role of the Pontis Foundation to get project partners acquainted with the amendment to Act no. 431/2002 Coll. on Accounting. In Slovakia it puts in place the obligation for companies to publish information on CSR activities and the diversity policy in the annual report. Foundation representatives will also present the best examples of Slovak companies in the field of CSR.

Exchange of knowledge between the countries involved will be carried out through seven main project activities, three one-day trans-European meetings and four 5-day training activities to be held in Zagreb, Berlin, Brussels and London. The project was officially opened by a one-day international meeting of the partners in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

For more information on the project please visit the following webpages www.hi4CSR.com and www.nadaciapontis.sk, and Facebook as well.

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