Transparent Slovakia Fund fights against corruption

Corruption in Slovakia is considered a serious problem by 90% of Slovaks, according to the Eurobarometer survey carried out in 2014. Companies also perceive the need to solve this situation and to exert societal pressure in order to improve the business environment. The Fund for a Transparent Slovakia was established on the initiative of seven member companies in 2012. Its main objective is to improve transparency and promote a healthy business environment by supporting watchdog and analytical organizations which control the activities of public institutions and public financial management.

After our feedback, several other projects were changed to better demonstrate their merits. The fund support was key in this aspect. It has helped us build a methodology, a systematic evaluation process and maintain the interest of the IT community and the wider public in investing hundreds of millions of euros.

Ján Hargaš, Board Member and Co-Founder, Slovakia.Digital

The Transparent Slovakia Fund currently has 20 members. During its existence, the fund supported 42 projects with the total financial support of more than 595,350 euros. This investment has already proven to have helped save hundreds of millions of euros from public funds and triggered the necessary changes. For example, it has helped in the recovery of the judiciary, increasing the chances of better law enforcement, advocacy for a better systematic setting of the judiciary, making the business sector more transparent through mailbox companies, action against providing undue benefits to public officials, the critical evaluation and saving resources in bypass and the new hospital PPP projects in Bratislava.

The Fund’s Vision

Slovakia as a legal state: a predictable and a fair place for a business and life

The Fund’s Objectives

→ The promotion of systemic change that will help to eliminate corruption and “the kidnapping of the state” (courts, prosecution, police, inspection bodies…) → Public scrutiny and pressure on all participants to comply with the laws and ethical standards

The Fund’s Strategy

→ Financial and non-financial support of organizations and initiatives which help to fulfil the above mentioned goals → Networking of participants, creating synergies and a critical mass of operators who refuse corruption

Why do companies enter the fund?

Confidence in the rule of the state and fair business environment in Slovakia is at an alarmingly low level. However, it can be changed if we do not continue to bury our heads in the sand. You can help to make Slovakia a decent country as well. We need a critical mass of respectable companies and we need you as well.

Join The Fund for Transparent Slovakia and help us:

to control and to improve the proceedings of the courts, police and prosecutors

to supervise the transparent spending of public finances

to promote the transparency of the state’s functioning

to reveal corruption affairs at high-level

to unmask the links between politicians and powerful people standing behind them

In Websupport, we want to contribute to the systematic improvement of the business environment in Slovakia. Organisations supported by the fund do an incredibly good job of uncovering and pointing out the problems we have here today. By doing that, they help our society advance. Transparency should be part of every mature, democratic society and we want to help co-create it here in Slovakia.

Ján Cifra, CEO, Websupport

Who we are

We link together companies, non-governmental organisations, state institutions, communities, and individuals to make positive changes in education, responsible entrepreneurship, and fight against corruption and poverty.

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