23. 05. 2022

Festival of Innovative Slovakia

Our executive director Martina Kolesárová participated in the event organised by the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic.

Innovation, cooperation and creativity are the terms that probably best describe the Festival of Innovative Slovakia 2022. The event was organised by the Research, Development and Innovation Section at the Office of the Government under the leadership of Michaela Kršková.

Photo source: Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic

More than 90 people from various fields (education, science, research, the civil sector, innovative companies and startups) attended the two-day event. Representatives of the innovative community met with a common goal – to create a vision and solutions for the National Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation 2030 within the reform of Slovak science and innovation. It should be approved by the government in the autumn of this year.

Photo source: Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic


The festival participants took attended eleven thematic workshops, the topics of which focused on, for example, increasing competitiveness in the research and development sector, attracting talent from abroad, and the institutional position and impact of innovators.

Photo source: Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic

Martina Kolesárová, the executive director of the Pontis Foundation, worked in the group focused on social innovations, as she had been involved in this field for a long time. This theme also resonates in our new vision – social innovation is one of the key areas.

“As a company, we have many problems. However, the Festival of Innovative Slovakia has shown that innovations, even social innovations, are given more space to respond to society’s problems. And this is true not only for the problems we are experiencing now but also for those that are yet to come,” Martina emphasises the importance of supporting innovation.

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