20. 12. 2021 Education

Generation 3.0 has a new advisory board. The members are educational analysts and experts from the world of innovation

This year, we completed the first five years of one of the Pontis Foundation's key programmes. A new Advisory Board composed of renowned experts will guide us through the new challenges in the next phase of Generation 3.0. Together, we want to focus more on disseminating social innovations across Slovakia and creating a suitable environment for their implementation. We now have solutions to problems in education, but they need to be implemented systematically.

Generation 3.0 has had an Advisory Board from the very beginning. Since 2016, its former members had not only provided advice on the vision, strategy and direction of the programme, but they had also helped build relationships with other actors in education and assisted with fundraising activities.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to: Lucia Šicková (Pixel Federation), Dušan Mešek (Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Martin), Jana Kontúrová (Primary School of Bošany), Alena Kanabová (Accenture), Andrea Cocherová, Vladimír Bužek (Slovak Academy of Sciences), Saskia Repčíková (ProSchola), Matej Šiškovič (MIM), Ivan Pavlov (MPC).

The new advisory board will help us face new challenges. We appreciate assistance in the form of advice, know-how sharing and strategic guidance provided by renowned experts and specialists. The original members of the board will be replaced by experts from the field of impact investment and analytical environment and business. Together, we want to move Generation 3.0 forward. We want to increase the impact of its activities and prepare and support tools for the emergence and growth of social innovations beyond education.

Magdalena Radová

Impact and investment manager at Tilia Impact Ventures, which is the first Czech investment fund focused on sustainable projects with a positive social impact. Magdalena is an experienced investment consultant focused on the positive societal impact of the European Investment Bank. Her role will be to link Generation 3.0 with organisations abroad and advise on setting the programme strategy.

Michal Rehúš

Founder of the Centre for Educational Analysis. He worked as an analyst and director at the Institute of Educational Policy at the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic. Before that, he had worked as an expert at the State Institute for Vocational Education and as an analyst at the Institute for Economic and Social Reforms – INEKO. Michal uses his expertise to help Generation 3.0 strategically disseminate innovation into the education system in Slovakia.

Andrea Basilová

Co-founder of the global company Sensoneo, a company focused on innovation in waste management. It offers its unique solution in more than 40 countries on five continents. Andrea helps Generation 3.0 using her extensive experience in building strategic partnerships and developing cooperation with international organisations.

Heliodor Macko

He co-founded the software company Visicom. Now he leads SEAK Energetics in Prešov, an innovative company that brings unique technology to control lighting and electric car charging. In September 2021, Heliodor received a gold plaque from the Minister of Foreign Affairs for his extraordinary contribution to the promotion of Slovakia’s interests and cooperation in the field of economic diplomacy. Within Generation 3.0, he shares his knowledge of advocacy activities.

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