10. 05. 2021

Generation 3.0 helps change education. Hard data prove it.

We published the second edition of the Impact Report, which measures the impact of the Generation 3.0 programme. In four years, it affected 8,500 teachers.

We prepared the Impact Report based on an internationally renowned manual for demonstrating the social impact, entitled the Social Reporting Standard (version 2014). It maps how we have helped move civic organisations forward through our activities, such as the EDUcamp, EDUaccelerator and a whole range of pro bono services and financial assistance. It also helps determine how much the organisations have progressed in disseminating their educational approaches to schools, how they have strengthened, as well as how much they have progressed to become financially stabilised.

It turns out that organisations which have graduated from the EDUaccelerator, the key activity of the programme, show growth in all monitored indicators.

Besides, the educational organisations that joined the programme last year have shown growth despite the difficult situation in schools caused by the pandemic. They recorded an average of 20 to 50 percent increase in the five indicators monitored. The most striking is the 50% increase in the number of teachers affected and a 27% increase in the number of schools cooperating.

Thanks to the advice of business experts, civic organisations are becoming more financially sustainable and less dependent on grants. “Grants as the main source of funding were used by 46% of organisations before graduating from the EDUaccelerator. After completing the EDUaccelerator programme, this figure dropped to only 23%. On the contrary, the number of organisations that finance their activities through their business model has increased from 30% to 46%. Thanks to greater financial stability, organisations can focus on project growth and help in more schools,” explains Dominika Hroššová, Impact Monitoring Manager at the Pontis Foundation.

The Pontis Foundation helps disseminate the innovative educational approaches to regions all across Slovakia, also thanks to EDUpoints, which are regional meetings for teachers, principals, pedagogical students and parents. There, they receive inspirations for improvements in education. The programme consists of workshops, discussions and practical problem-solving, but also practical learning of innovative methods that develop the skills necessary in the 21st century.

So far, EDUpoints have implemented more than 100 educational events in nine towns, attended by almost 3,900 participants. “During the pandemic, EDUpoints showed excellent flexibility. They responded promptly to current challenges at schools and organised webinars, for example, on how to use distance learning technologies, how to manage distance learning, or how to get students’ attention,” D. Hroššová says.

In the four years of its operation, the Generation 3.0 programme has brought innovative teaching methods to 8,500 teachers. “Our goal is for this number to grow to at least 15,000 teachers. We would reach 20% of all teachers, which is the so-called critical mass for education to begin to change in Slovakia,” explains D. Hroššová.

You can find the Impact Report in Slovak at this link.

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