30. 01. 2024

Million-euro fund: Open Future program will expand to six new Slovak cities

A 1.3 million euro grant from the Danish Villum Foundation is enabling us to expand the Open Future program into six new cities across Slovakia. This generous support not only allows us to extend our reach but also provides an opportunity to forge stronger connections with local businesses and startups, serving as an inspiration for the younger generation. In addition to the existing centers in Trnava and Zvolen, we plan to establish six more centers in various regions, ultimately engaging a total of 490 middle school students.

Martina Kolesárová, CEO of the Pontis Foundation, views this grant as a vote of confidence from such a reputable partner as the Villum Foundation. “It’s a great opportunity for further development of the program, which we at the Pontis Foundation have developed as a social innovation. It’s time for a more generous expansion to reach as many children in Slovakia as possible. We perceive this grant as a sign of trust from such a strong partner as the Villum Foundation.

Lucia Gregorová, the program’s team leader, underscores the significance of developing entrepreneurship and essential soft skills while highlighting the program’s positive effects on mental health, especially crucial post-pandemic. “After children experienced prolonged isolation, it’s very important to build these safe spaces and mutual friendships so that they can support each other in coping with difficult situations. Mental health, as shown by our program, is immensely important, and we pay attention to it alongside our curriculum,” adds Lucia. 

Villum Foundation supports modern education in both Czech Republic and Slovakia

Furthermore, the Villum Foundation’s commitment to modern education extends beyond Slovakia to the Czech Republic, where they will allocate over 13 million euros in both countries to support nine educational initiatives. Agi Csonka, program director at Villum Foundation, emphasizes the importance of equipping Europe’s youth with the skills necessary to navigate the digital and green shift, fostering innovative solutions for a more sustainable society.

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